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Enable Video Optimization In Samsung Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8+ Plus

On Android Nougat, there is a feature called video optimization that can improve your video quality and increase the overall media player experience on your Samsung Galaxy S8. To use this feature, you must visit the settings menu and access the “Optimize video” option.

Once this feature is turned on, your video player will automatically make changes to brightness, contrast, and other settings on the fly to give you the best video experience possible.

Follow the steps we have listed below to enable video optimization on your Samsung Galaxy S8:
Guide for enabling the video optimization feature

  1. From your home screen, open the apps menu and then tap settings
  2. Navigate to the “Advanced Functions” section
  3. Scroll down the advanced function page and search for “Video optimization” – Tap to turn toggle this feature into the ON position. The video optimization feature will now be active in the following applications:
    • Video player
    • Google Play movies
    • Youtube
    • VLC
    • A selection of other video player apps


Hopefully, this guide has helped to teach you how to enabled video optimization on the Galaxy S8.

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