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Enabling Clipboard On Samsung Note 8 Guide

Each moment you copy or cut a bit of message content on the Samsung smartphone device, it will automatically store or save on the Samsung Note 8 Clipboard until the point that you choose where you need to paste or move.

While your Samsung smartphone Clipboard isn’t a visible place of your cell phone, you can get to it and look every one of the information that is duplicated on the device.

A question comes to mind. “How would I get to your Samsung Clipboard to view information duplicated on it.” This has always been the question coming from readers. On the off chance that you have a similar interest, the following straightforward guidelines will help out.


To access the Note 8 Clipboard suffices to:

  1. Get to the Samsung keyboard
  2. Click, “Customize key”
  3. Choose, “Clipboard key.”


Alternatively, you could just:

  1. Search for a free text box
  2. Press down on this screen location and it will direct you to Clipboard button
  3. Click on the button to access the Clipboard and see what you’ve replicated in there.


Presently you know more than one method on how to get to your Galaxy Smartphone’s Clipboard.

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