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Eye Scroll On Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8+ Plus

The eye scroll symbol showing up on the status bar of Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ Plus is a reason of concern for many users. The concern, of course, comes from the fact that most of them don’t really know what is it and how did it get there. But what if we’d told you that this feature is actually one of the coolest things you can experience with your intelligent phone?

First thing first, this feature has the magical power to illuminate your display only as long as you look at it. Turn your sight away and you’ll be able to notice how the display dims – just take a peek, if you look straight at it, you’ll see it suddenly lights back up!

To kill the suspense, seeing this symbol means that you have activated the Smart Stay feature. Thanks to it, the front camera of the device will start scanning for simple, recognizable patterns, through its sensors, and determine if you’re looking at the display or not.

What happens when you look and what happens when you don’t, you’ve probably already noticed by now. If you’ve seen this symbol showing up and then disappearing at different but short time frames, it means the function is active. As long as the eye is in the status bar, the feature actively scans.

Most likely, you have activated it by entering the Stay Smart section under the Display settings. On and Off eye recognition relates to ticking or unticking a box. If you’re not sure how you got there or how to get back and turn it off, here’s how to access the eye scroll on Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ Plus:

  1. Turn on your smartphone;
  2. Expand the general Menu on the Home screen;
  3. Go to Settings, Display;
  4. Browse for Stay Smart;
  5. Check its box – to turn it on or uncheck it to turn it off;
  6. Look attentively to see if the eye symbol disappears or appears on the status bar, depending on what you opted for.


The eye scroll is actually a very interesting and useful feature, once you get used to it. Give it a go, now that you know what it really is about.


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