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Fix After Update No LTE Available Problem On Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S9

Have you just updated your Samsung Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S9 and found yourself without any LTE data? After your latest update, your LTE may have been disabled or it may have become faulty.

Without access to LTE, you’ll no longer be able to connect to a 4G or LTE mobile network. You will not be able to browse the internet with 4G data and your calls will be lower quality. To solve this issue, we’d recommend a number of troubleshooting options. First, we suggest that you wipe the cache partition on the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S9.

This will not delete any personal files, but will instead wipe recent saved data that your apps usually hold onto to speed up operation. Follow this guide to perform a cache partition wipe on your Samsung Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S9.


If your Samsung Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S9 LTE still isn’t working, the next step would be to restore your network settings. Go to the settings app, tap “Backup & Restore,” then scroll down to the “Reset Network Settings” option. Tap it, and reset your wireless, Bluetooth and mobile data settings to default. You’ll now need to re-enter your WiFi password to reconnect to a WiFi network, but it should hopefully fix your LTE mobile data.

Still not fixed? We would suggest restarting your Galaxy S8 to fix any potential problems. To restart your Samsung Galaxy S8, hold down the power button and then tap the on-screen ‘reboot’ button. We hope that this guide has helped you to resolve your Samsung Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S9 LTE problem.

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