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Fix “SD card, For transferring photos and media” Error On Galaxy S8 And Galaxy Plus

You’re not the only Samsung Galaxy S8 user who keeps getting the “SD card, for transferring photos and media” message randomly and without a justification. Despite the fact that it is only a notification and you can easily swipe it away, it can become frustrating soon enough.

So far, we have no official statement whatsoever from Samsung. We do not know whether it is a hardware or a firmware problem, or just a simple accessory problem. But judging by the significant number of complaints from the users, we can expect that sooner or later the manufacturer will take an official position and come up with a decent fix. Until then…


Should you investigate or just ignore it?

The “SD card, for transferring photos and media” message will normally pop-up after you have just mounted the microSD, usually following a reboot. That’s when you are supposed to ignore it and just dismiss the notification.

Obviously, if you’re getting the message without recently operating any kind of reboot or introducing it into the device, you definitely have to investigate.


Top 3 common fixes for the microSD error keep coming on Galaxy S8 Plus

Now that you have reasons to suspect an issue, you must be wondering what can you do about it. Since it would make perfect sense that it’s either a minor positioning problem or a malfunctioning card, you can try to:


#1 – Take out the microSD card and put it back in

Whether it’s the card itself or the card tray that doesn’t sit in the right position, a simple removal and reinsertion could do the trick. You know how to eject the card tray, how to position the SD card in it and how to gently push it back in, so it shouldn’t be difficult at all.


#2 – Insert a different microSD card

Any other microSD card from any other device that you have around the house should be more than enough for this simple test. You want to monitor if the “SD card, for transferring photos and media” error keeps displaying even when you’re using a new card. If it does, you can tell that your old microSD is working just fine. If it doesn’t, you know what you have to do…


#3 – Reformat the microSD card

If you suspect that the card itself has a problem that prevents your Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus from properly reading it, do not rush to change it with a new one. Format the old card first, AFTER you have backed it up on a computer.

To back up the information currently stored on the card and transfer it to a PC, you will have to plug the smartphone into a computer and copy everything from the microSD. Then, start navigating on your phone until you identify the SD Card settings and initiate the formatting from its menus:

  1. Go to the Home screen of your Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus;
  2. Swipe down from the top of the screen;
  3. Within the Notification shade that will open up, tap on the gear icon to access the Settings menu;
  4. Select Storage;
  5. Select the SD Card menu;
  6. Tap on your SD Card listed under that sub-menu;
  7. Select the Format option available in there;
  8. Wait for the format process to complete – by the way, this means erasing everything from the card;
  9. When it’s done, the device will have a clean microSD in a format that works like charm with all smartphones.


With the card in a good condition, reconnect it to the PC and copy all your previously backed up data. The “SD card, for transferring photos and media” error should no longer appear. For any other issue you’re dealing with, do not hesitate to browse around and inform yourself about the various problems and fixes specific to Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus.


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