Fixing Problems With Galaxy S8 Android Auto

As much as my intention is not to cause penitence or disturbance to the users of Galaxy S8, the phone might give you trouble while using it Android Auto on Galaxy S8. Actually, that might be the reason why you are reading this article. The best you can do is trying your best to solve the issue so as to continue enjoying the phone and the features that it comes with.

Therefore, through this tutorial, I will take you through the guide on how you can overcome the issues that you face while using the feature called Android Auto on Samsung Galaxy S8. This application is based on a very simple concept. Ideally, it is an application that will let you enjoy the power that the Google operating system on your phone has to offer. You can be able to experience your phone’s power by connecting the phone to the inbuilt vehicle entertainment. You can use the Android navigation. Listen to the audio or even use the texting application on the car’s screen.

For you to enjoy this experience, you just need to connect the Samsung Galaxy S8 to Google Auto system that is installed into your vehicle. Once you connect the phone and the Google Auto in your car, the two become one device that is powered by Google and offers you the best experience that you will not always enjoy.

There have been multiple cases where the users of the device claim that they have had trouble while pairing the phone with the Google auto on Galaxy S8. In some cases, the phone pairs successfully but some applications like Spotify will misbehave. So how can you eliminate this problem? Let us see.

The truth is that there is always a solution to any challenge including this one. So as to solve the issue, you just need to do away with the application and reinstate it back onto your phone. Then after it is set up, complete the Samsung Galaxy S8 Google Auto setup as well once again.

In case there is still another application that has stopped working, remove that application as well and the Google auto, then set up the Google auto application first. Then once the Google auto is completely set up you can now download the application again. This might take awhile but you be assured it will yield the expected results.


I also would like to bring to your attention the fact that in order to make use of the Google Auto on the car display, the car should accept to connect with the Google Auto app. Else, you should have another system installed. Click here and you will find details of the cars that connect well and the secondhand receivers.


If you are not able to connect to another car:

  1. Pull off the phone from the vehicle
  2. Access the Google auto application on the Galaxy S8 Smartphone
  3. Tap on the Menu and navigate to settings to find the cars that are connected.
  4. Untick the box that is next to the “add new cars to Google Auto” setting
  5. Connect the device to the car once again
  6. Ensure Google Auto is activated


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