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Fixing Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Overheating Issue

Samsung is one of the leading brands in the world of smartphones. It is reliable and thought to be a great section to rely on in case of telecommunication. One of them is Samsung Galaxy Note 8 but it has some negative aspects too and people are looking for remedies for it.

The major problem that this has is an overheating issue. Here in this section, you will find procedures that can solve the problem and provide a better experience.


Process of fixing Galaxy Note 8 over heating issues 

  1. There is a possibility that an application is behind all these problems. There are many applications that can cause these types of problems and in the past, it was observed too. To identify which application is doing this one can go through these following steps. At first, you need to tap the power key until it shows a reboot to safe mode option that you should seek. When it is seen then you need to go for the reboot option. If you observe that the problem is solved then you can say that the problem is due to the misbehavior of an installed application.
  2. If you want then you can perform a factory reset and for that, you need to switch it off and then hold the home button, power button, and the volume up together. A Samsung logo will appear with the blue recovery text. Use the volume up and down switch as a scrolling key in the recovery menu. Choose the wipe cache option and then press power to select it. After that, you have to select the reboot system and select it. The problem will be solved in this way.

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