Fixing Samsung Note 8 “Moisture Detected” Warning

There is no single phone that is believed to work perfectly but this should not be a cause for concern. Ideally, we are here to help ensure everything works right. The Moisture issue on Note 8 occurs to different phones and this will happen even if the phone is not exposed to water. This is an issue that affects the majority of Samsung Note 8 users. In other cases, the error message will be triggered by different issues. This has happened on other occasions where other elements lead to the error message even if the charger port has not been exposed to water.

In addition, note that moisture sensitivity in Galaxy Note 8 might be set to a very high level. This is what we call oversensitivity. Corrosion or even dirt will be detected as moisture leading to a whole lot of confusion.

As a matter of fact, the cordless pad for charging will allow you to charge the Galaxy Note 8 battery. However, this is not something that you might wish to be doing every other time. The USB port is the only place where the moisture was detected. It is not the battery that was detected to have water. Therefore you would definitely want to get things back to normal.

For your information, the error that shows on the Note 8 should not worry you. However, if the phone doesn’t work as a result of moisture then you have reasons to get worried.


Solutions In Case Of Error Indicating Moisture Detection

  • Switch off the phone to avoid other issues
  • The IP68 certificate indicates that the Note 8 is resistant to water. However, the water-resistance is usually up to 1.5m of fresh water and can last for only 1800 Seconds. Note that if water gets to other parts, this is a serious issue. For instance, the USBC port is seriously affected by water. It is advisable that if you identify water clean the port immediately.
  • If you connect the phone to the charger, the issue might still persist. If the issue persists restart the phone with the charger connected. The error will go away automatically and the time that is remaining to fully charged battery will be displayed.
  • Reset the phone to see if the error will disappear. If not backup the phone and follow these steps


  1. Navigate to the home screen and checkout for the empty place where you can open the apps
  2. Click on the settings and navigate to the cloud and accounts view
  3. Click on the accounts
  4. Click Google
  5. Select your Google User ID or email address for the specific user account.
  6. Click on the three dots icon
  7. Select delete account
  8. Now confirm the action to remove this account
  9. Turn off the phone and press the volume+ button together with the Bixby button. Now hold the power button
  10. Android logo will be displayed and when it shows up, now let go all the keys.
  11. Select the delete data or reset to factory using the volume- button
  12. Use the power key to confirm the action
  13. Use the volume- button to select yes which confirms you are deleting the user data.
  14. Now press the power key to start resetting
  15. The master reset will complete and once it does restart the system
  16. Press power button to restart the phone


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