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Fixing Signal Strength On Samsung Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8+ Plus


If your Galaxy S8 is suffering from a poor signal strength, it may be due to bad radio on your current phone. If your previous 2 phones did not suffer from a weak signal strength problem in the same region, then the most obvious reason for your Galaxy S8 issue is a hardware problem. Try having it replaced and check whether this replaces the issue.

Alternatively, try a cell phone signal booster. However, you should understand that this device is much more complicated and will require installation of extra hardware. Otherwise known as a cell phone repeater, this device amplifies weak signals in your house thereby solving the signal problem. This will require extra hardware that should be installed outside your house. This location should be an elevated place, preferably at the rooftop.

A weak signal of your carrier is normally picked by the external antenna, which is then transmitted to the device inside. The device then amplifies and broadcasts the signal to a specific location in your house. The reverse function is also true, whereby it also amplifies the signal from your Galaxy S8 onto your carrier’s tower.

If the alternative option works better for you, try contacting Verizon and see whether they offer the service. Or, you could purchase a personal signal booster from 3rd party electronic shops. You only have to ensure that the device is compatible with your Verizon’s network.



My Galaxy S8 dropped off from a table and landed on the back. It now has a white line on the top running across the phone straight through the battery and the time symbol. I can tell that the screen is not cracked and the problem is most likely on the inside. When the device is in rest mode, a bright light flashes on top of the line. When I begin using the phone, it turns into a little bit blinky status. Can I fix this?


The Solution

If the bright light you say didn’t exist before your phone dropped, then it is fair to assume that the LCD might have suffered a slight damage. That may mean also that you have a hardware issue right there. As such, there won’t be any amount of software diagnosis that can fix your issue. While it is not recommended you attempt to open the phone and attempt assembling the screen all again, it might just be one of your few options right now.

We would advise that you contact Samsung to check whether they can solve the problem for you. It’s however not one of the safest as the screen replacement for a Galaxy S series phone is quite tricky and marginally difficult to pull off. It can however save you from the troubles of the procedure itself. Hardware diagnosis requires a lot of attention, electronic knowledge as well as the necessary specialist tools.

If you decide on repairing the screen yourself, be sure to Google first as our blog provides for articles on hardware troubleshooting and diagnostics.


Problem 3;

‘Unable to access web browser for Wi-Fi sign due to unauthorized factory reset’ error on your Galaxy S8+ Plus.

When I try logging in to my Galaxy S8+ Plus for Internet login, my phones brings the error: “unable to access web browser for Wi-Fi sign in due to an unauthorized factory reset.” When I try to reset the phone and it gets to that point, it brings the same error. I have a son who thinks he is the “superman” of phones and he had it when all this happened. He is just about to accrue $700 brick. 


The Answer

The only instance where this error will pop up is when you attempt modifying the Samsung Galaxy software. The modification can be in the form of romming, rooting or even the flashing of a custom recovery. Ask to find out whether your son did any of these things and if so, ask him to re-install the stock firmware. This might probably be the only effective solution there is to your problem.

We cannot 100% assure you that the said error is caused by a “Factory Reset Protection” but it will help a lot if you also inquire from your son if he indeed provided the right Google account details when prompted to do so.

A factory reset might still be an option for you if the rest of the phone’s features are working. To reset your device back to its factory settings, follow our below instructions;


Get the phone into Recovery Mode.

  • When the Samsung Galaxy S8+ Plus logo appears, let go of the Power key but keep hold of the other 2 keys.
  • When the Android logo appears, let go of the remaining keys and then leave the phone for around 30-60 seconds


Note: the message ‘’Installing system update” message might pop up on your screen for a few seconds just before displaying the Android system recovery menu. This will mark the first phase of the entire procedure.

  1. Use the Volume Down button to navigate and highlight the option “factory reset/wipe data”
  2. Then hit the Power key to choose it.
  3. Highlight the option “Yes> delete all user data” using the Volume Down key then hit the Power key to select it.
  4. Let the phone be until it completes the Master Reset. Once it finishes, highlight “restart system now” option then hit the Power button.
  5. Your device restarts but it might take longer than usual.


Problem 4

My Galaxy S8 does not retrieve all the texts from iPhone users in group conversations.

Hello. I am a former iPhone user with AT&T. I recently switched to the Galaxy S8+ Plus with Verizon. The problem is, I cannot retrieve all of the texts within a conversation in a group. The missing text messages are always from particular iPhone users. I don’t receive group messages from specific iPhone users as well. The problem does not show if individual members from the group text me, only when they text as group messages.


The Answer

The major reason as to why most Android users will encounter group messaging issues when iPhone users are involved is primarily because of the Apple’s proprietary messaging app known as the iMessage that is common in all Apple devices such as the iPhones. This app will only work for iOS gadgets only. In its most standard form, iMessage stores its messages in Apple servers only. Hence, group messages sent via the network will not be broadcasted to other 3rd party carriers. As such, if some of your friends reply to the messages using the iMessage app, their messages will not be relayed and will therefore be displayed on the iOS gadgets only. This means that your Galaxy S8 and other non-Apple product users will not get the messages.

So you might be well advised to inform your friends to not use the iMessage app when replying to a group message. You are not the culprit here and you will be faced with a tough choice of telling your friends to mind a little when replying to group messages. This also explains why you will receive messages from individual iPhone users with no glitch at all.

Alternatively, you could ask your group members to use universal messaging apps like Facebook Messenger or even Google Hangouts to relay info regarding the group. I hope this helps.




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