Forgot Galaxy S9 And Galaxy S9 Plus Pin Password

Maybe you were just trying to protect this brand-new Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9 Plus from unwanted access. Or maybe someone close played a prank on you and changed its password without you knowing it. In case you are now staring at a locked smartphone, clueless on how to regain your access to it, let us help you!

We rounded up the three most effective solutions for this kind of problem which, believe it or not, is not so uncommon! So, we know it’s hard for you, but have a little patience and let us walk you through. You’ll see, the hard factory reset may or may not be an option in your particular case. And if you are the kind of user who backs things up every now and then, chances are you won’t lose too much in the unfortunate event that it comes to it.


To put an end to all this suspense, we’re going to explain your options right from the start:

  • First things first, you can deliberately choose to initiate this factory reset process and see what you’ll be able to recover afterward, from previous backups;
  • Second, you can try to set up a temporary password, with the help of a dedicated service like the Samsung Find My Mobile or the Android Device Manager, and then replace that password once you regain your access to the device.


We listed two main options yet already mentioned three possible outcomes. That’s because Find My Mobile and the ADM are only accessible in case you’ve registered your smartphone with them first! All these considered, take a look at the actual steps and see what could work for you. Are you ready?


Option 1 – Factory Reset The Galaxy S9 And Galaxy S9 Plus With A Forgotten PIN

  1. This action has to be performed with the device turned off, so, take care of this aspect first;
  2. After that, you can long press, simultaneously, the Volume Up, the Home, and the Power buttons;
  3. When you’ve entered the Recovery Mode, release them and get ready to navigate through the settings;
    • With the help of the Volume Down button, you can navigate between menus;
  4. Once you’ve highlighted the option to Wipe Data / Factory Reset your phone, hit the Power button;
  5. Confirm that you’re ready for the reset with the Yes option;
  6. Wait for the reset to perform;
  7. Finally, use the Reboot System Now menu to get out of the Recovery Mode booting sequence and return to the normal running mode.


This time, the device will ask you no PIN, so, you can access it without a problem. But you’ll have to configure it from scratch, like with any other new smartphone. If you feel the need, get extra details on how to factory reset the Samsung Galaxy S9 / Galaxy S9 Plus in this guide!


Option 2 – Reset The Password Of Galaxy S9 And Galaxy S9 Plus With A Forgotten PIN Via The Samsung Find My Mobile

  1. Check that your smartphone is registered with this service from Samsung;
  2. Reach out to the Find My Mobile service, the Remote Controls option in particular;
  3. Use it to set up a temporary password;
  4. Skip the forgotten PIN with this temporary password;
  5. Once you’re in, use the device’s settings to change the password.


Option 3 – Reset The Password Of Galaxy S9 And Galaxy S9 Plus With A Forgotten PIN Via The Android Device Manager

  1. Check that your smartphone is registered with the Android Device Manager;
  2. Turn on the PC and access it from a web browser;
  3. Log in to your account and select your smartphone from the first screen of the service;
  4. Next, select the option labeled as Lock & Erase;
  5. Follow the exact indications that you are about to receive and set up this temporary password;
  6. Regain the access to your S9/S9 Plus with it and set up a new password.


As we come to an end with our guide for the forgotten PIN password on Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus, you know the main solutions. The worst that can happen is that you don’t have the phone registered, neither with the Samsung Find My Mobile, nor with the Android Device Manager. That’s when you factory reset it and accept the consequences!


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