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Forgot My Pattern Lock Samsung Note 8 (Solution)

It’s annoying, frustrating, and above all, scary. When you forget the lock pattern of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, you’re not just feeling very bad for making such a silly mistake. You are also genuinely concerned that you might not be able to recover access without a hard factory reset and losing everything you had on it. But there are a couple of alternatives to it, you know?


To reset the Note 8 password with the Android Device Manager service…

As an Android user with an Android Device Manager account, you should be able to use the service from a computer. Log in with your custom credentials and make use of the Lock feature listed in there. It will be under the Lock & Erase menu and it will show you all the necessary steps for locking your smartphone.

We know, it doesn’t matter that you’re already locked out after forgetting the pattern lock of the Samsung Note 8. By doing so, you will overwrite the old one with a new, temporary one. Then, you will be able to access the smartphone and change it right away, by setting up a new password that will no longer be time-limited, like the one from the Device Manager.


To reset the Note 8 password with the Samsung Find My Mobile service…

The equivalent of Find My iPhone from Apple, this Find My Mobile or Find My Android service from Samsung has a special feature known as Remote Controls. Of course, you would have to have a Samsung account registered on the device where you got locked out from.

If you have that, you can use this service from any PC, log in, select your smartphone, and use the Remote Controls to configure a temporary password. Immediately after that, use the new pass to unlock the phone and go straight to the Note 8’s settings to change the temporary password to a permanent alternative.


To reset the Note 8 password with a general factory reset…

  1. Power off the locked device from the side button;
  2. When it’s all shut off, press and hold the three main hard keys: Home, Power, Volume Up;
  3. Hold them together until the Android icon shows up on the screen;
  4. From that point, you’re free to navigate from one option to another with the Volume Down key;
  5. You are supposed to select a particular entry – Wipe Data / Factory Reset;
  6. Use the Power button to start it – if you’re asked to confirm, use, again, the Volume Down and the Power to select and run the option titled “Yes – delete all user data”;
  7. This should initiate the factory reset and, when it’s done, you’ll have to use Reboot System Now to start configuring the wiped device from scratch.


Because the more options you have at hand the better it is, we would like to close this tutorial with a final resource. Read this alternative option with steps to factory reset a Samsung Note 8. Back up all your important information. It’s the ultimate cost you’ll have to pay for forgetting the pattern lock of your smartphone.

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