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Forgot Pattern Lock On Samsung Note 8 – Solved

Today the smartphone is not just a phone it has 90% of customer personal and professional information. It is very important to protect your phone physically and from cyber crime.

Hence for this purpose, there are various locks available like password lock, pattern lock, pin lock, fingerprint lock etc.

However, it happens that the user accidentally locks his Smartphone. It doesn’t mean the phone cannot be unlocked. if you are a genuine user of Note 8 and verify few security checks, you can unlock the phone and make it usable.

Usually, the hard factory reset is the ultimate options which might remove your all data and information permanently. It is same like a new Note 8, hence to prevent that Note 8 offers you a feature and allows you to reset phone while retaining your data safe and secure.


Here are few steps to be followed to get you Note 8 reusable.



Option 1 Use Samsung’s find my mobile to reset the password

Samsung find my mobile acts as your cop for the time being however, there is a precondition that your Note 8 should be registered with Samsung If that’s registered:

  1. Reset your password as it generates temporary password through finding my mobile service
  2. Using temporary password to bypass the lock screen
  3. This gives you the option to reset the password
  4. Setup a new password and your phone is


Option 2 Resetting Password with Android Device Manager

You may use the lock feature of Note 8. The lock feature on android device manager allows you to reset the password.


This feature has two pre-conditions:

  • your Note 8 must be registered with Samsung
  • you have a PC or Mac


Follow the steps:

  1. On your computer open the device manager
  2. Once you connect the Note 8 to you PC you will find Android device manager
  3. Go to Note 8 screen.
  4. It displays a feature “lock and erases”.
  5. Once you see that options and tap on it there are few onscreen instructions. Follow the instructions and finally, it will ask you for a temporary
  6. Set up a temporary password for yourself fulfilling all the conditions as mentioned
  7. As done enter your temporary password.
  8. Setup a new password


Option 3

If none of the above two options worked for you initiate the recovery mode.

  1. As we need to get into recovery mode, power off your Note 8.
  2. The android icon will appear on the screen.
  3. As your scroll key will not work use volume down key to wipe data/factory reset option. Use power button to select.
  4. To reconfirm the selection, it asks you to select yes/no. Using the volume down key highlight yes
  5. Select this option by pressing power button
  6. Use power button to reboot it and hence everything will be trashed permanently and your Note 8 is ready to use.


Ideally, you should back up your data to avoid the loss of information.

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