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Forgot Pin Password On Galaxy J7/J8/J9/J6/J5/J4/J3/J2/J1 – Solved

Your Samsung Galaxy J7/J8/J9/J6/J5/J4/J3/J2/J1 won’t unlock because you seem to have forgotten the PIN password? It can prove to be a real pain – no access whatsoever to the smartphone, no way to back it up – but… it happens. More often than you think, which is why you don’t need to be too harsh with yourself – other people forget such things too.

It will be hard, we know, especially if you will conclude that the only way to regain access to the smartphone and bypass the old PIN password would be to… erase that password and everything currently stored on your phone, with it.

The hard factory reset is not your only option, but it is the only option proved to work 100% – if, by working, you mean unlocking the device, not necessarily getting to keep whatever you have previously stored on it.

In this article, we will also show you the alternatives represented by the Find My Mobile and the Android Device Manager services. We have to warn you, though, from the very beginning, that both options will require you to have previously registered the Galaxy J7/J8/J9/J6/J5/J4/J3/J2/J1 with those services.


How to factory reset a Samsung Galaxy J7/J8/J9/J6/J5/J4/J3/J2/J1:

  1. Power off the phone;
  2. Tap and hold the Home, Volume Up, and Power buttons;
  3. When you see the Android icon popping up on the screen, you can release them;
  4. Navigate around with the Volume Down key;
  5. Select Wipe Data / Factory Reset;
  6. Press the Power key to start the factory reset;
  7. Select “Yes, delete all user data”;
  8. Confirm with one tap on the Power button;
  9. Wait for Galaxy to reset;
  10. Press the Volume Down key to select Reboot System Now;
  11. Tap on the Power button to initiate the reboot.


When it restarts, the phone will look like taken out of the factory, without a password and without… anything stored on it.


If you appreciate the opportunity of knowing how to do a hard reset and you can anticipate that you might need, at some point, to use this action for troubleshooting other problems as well, take a look at this guide and discover a second method of performing a factory reset on Samsung J7. You will notice how, everywhere, everyone is advising you to take some time and back up all your data prior to formatting it.


How to use the Samsung Find My Mobile service:

  1. Register the device with Samsung;
  2. Use a computer to access the Find My Mobile service;
  3. Log in and set up a temporary password for your Galaxy J7/J8/J9/J6/J5/J4/J3/J2/J1;
  4. Take the smartphone and unlock it with the new temporary password;
  5. Go to settings and set up a new password – this one will be permanent or, in any case, should last until the next time you forget it.


This Find My Mobile service is a product of Samsung and very similar to Find My iPhone. What it does is to grant you access to a series of handy Remote Controls – when you’re locked out of the phone or you’ve lost it, you can use it remotely and, in this case, change its password.


How to use the Android Device Manager:

  1. Start your computer and access an internet browser;
  2. Go to the Android Device Manager page;
  3. Log in;
  4. Identify the Samsung Galaxy J7/J8/J9/J6/J5/J4/J3/J2/J1 on the screen;
  5. Tap on it;
  6. Tap on Lock & Erase;
  7. Follow the suggested steps;
  8. Set up a temporary password to unlock the device;
  9. Enter that password on your phone;
  10. Now that you have gained access to it, create a new password.


Congrats, you’ve just used the Lock feature of the Android Device Manager and unlocked your device. As mentioned, you have to have the Galaxy J7/J8/J9/J6/J5/J4/J3/J2/J1 registered with this service to use it.


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