Forgot Pin Password On Samsung Galaxy S9 And Galaxy S9 Plus (Solution)

Having bought a brand-new Samsung phone, it is a usually a common occurrence that you may end up forgetting password on Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9 Plus. The irony usually lies in the fact that you were the one trying to prevent unwarranted access but you end up being locked out. But, don’t worry even if you had not backed your data, you will just be temporarily locked out. We have come up with the best three ways access your smartphone when you’ve forgot pin password on Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus.

If all comes to the worst, you may need to do a hard factory reset. Such a solution is not all that bad as in fact many users use it to fix a myriad of problems. But the negative side is that you will lose everything on your Samsung smartphone. However, we will also later discuss that solution.

It essentially implies that in the event you forget your smartphone’s pattern or PIN password, you can either opt to remove everything or change current pin password on Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9 Plus into a new one.

We will, therefore, have three solutions to focus on;

  • A factory reset.
  • Samsung Find My Mobile password Change.
  • Android Device Manager password Change.


To factory reset Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus follow the following steps;

  1. Put your phone off.
  2. Hold the volume key as you tap the home power button until you access the recovery mode.
  3. Release it as you use the power keys and volume down button to navigate through and initiate the factory reset/ wipe data action.
  4. As soon as your phone finishes the factory reset task, use the power and volume down keys once more. Navigate using the keys to the Reboot system now option so to enable the phone return to normal running mode.


Note -if you need a more comprehensive guide on the instructions, read the resource on factory reset for Galaxy S9/Galaxy S9 Plus.


Samsung Find My Mobile password Change steps are as follows;

  1. Ensure that your phone is registered and allowable to utilize the Samsung’s service.
  2. Using the Find My Mobile feature on your smartphone, reset using the available remote controls.
  3. Change the existing password with a more temporal one.
  4. Using the temporary password, bypass your phone’s screen lock.
  5. Complete the procedure by replacing the temporary password with a new password.


Android Device Manager password Change steps are as follows;

  1. To get the phone’s lock feature, ensure your smartphone is registered and allowable to utilize the Android Device Manager service.
  2. Next, access Android Device manager through your computer’s internet browser.
  3. Locate your galaxy phone on your computer monitor using the account credentials.
  4. Check where Lock & Erase features and activate it so that it commences right away.
  5. Follow the prompts given, step by step, so as to form a temporary password.
  6. Key in the new password access your phone again. Afterwards, Enter an easy-to-remember permanent password to complete the process.


You have now learned the three diverse ways to tackle the password problem when you’ve forgot pin password on Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus. It will help you to deal with such a problem when it occurs effectively.

But keep in mind that you will have to hard reset your smartphone if you aren’t yet registered with either Android Device Manager or Samsung Find My Mobile service.

There other two softer versions are highly recommended before you decide to erase everything from your phone. Otherwise, don’t hesitate to contact us if you require more advice and also share this article to any person who needs assistance.


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