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Freezing And Crashing Checklist For Samsung Galaxy S8/ S8+ Plus

Every now and then, users of Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ Plus report that a particular app tends to freeze the smartphone and then leads to a crash. If these incidents are isolated it’s one thing. If it only happens with a particular app, it’s another thing – uninstalling it, because it is a faulty app, might do the trick. But if it happens often and randomly, with more than one app, looks like you have a problem that needs some serious troubleshooting.

Rule number one is that different applications freezing and crashing on Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ Plus might indicate a problem with the device, not with the apps. A software update could be required, so check if there are any new software updates available. Went through this process without success?

Here’s a checklist with four potential flaws that you need to look into:


#1 – Faulty third-party apps

If you updated the operating system and you’re still getting crashes from different third-party apps, you need to rule them out and see if the freezing persists. Of course, it wouldn’t hurt to do some online research about the apps that are causing you problems. You might get to read reviews in the Play Store discussing the very same problem, shared by other users. If that’s the case, proceed to remove those apps from your smartphone.

The alternative would be to wait for that developer to fix the bugs and release an improved version of the app. But what warranty do you have that it will happen or that it will happen soon enough?



#2 – Faulty upgrades

So, you’ve ruled out the third-party apps, you’re already running the latest software version, what else could it be? Perhaps something went wrong down the long road of upgrades you’ve been doing to your smartphone. You cannot test this other than by returning to the factory settings.

Read this guide on how to factory reset Galaxy S8/S8+ Plus. Also important, note that this type of reset will lead to losing all saved data and applications, account settings and everything else you have tweaked on the device so far. Back up the information you need for later use and then proceed with the factory reset.


#3 – Faulty memory

Memory glitches have been reported by various Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ Plus owners. Especially if you haven’t restarted your smartphone in days, you might notice it has a tendency to freeze and crash out of the blue.

Testing this is simple, as you only need to turn it off and then back on. First, go to the Apps icon from the Home screen and go to Manage Applications – swipe right or left if you cannot locate it. Once in there, select the application that used to crash and tap the options labeled as Clear Data and Clear Cache.

Ultimately, restart the device and see how it goes.


#4 – Insufficient memory

Sometimes, when a particular app is acting like crazy, it might not be its fault, but rather the insufficient system resources. Consequently, before uninstalling that application, try to make some extra internal memory. Delete other apps that you use very rare, delete media files that you already stored in the cloud and anything else you can spare of. This should make a significant difference and, ultimately, prevent the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ Plus from freezing and crashing.


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