Galaxy J7: How To Do Multi Window

Think that your Samsung Galaxy J7 has a small enough screen for you to ever plan on splitting it into two? Think again, you can never know when you will need or simply want to try out the Multi Window mode. Instead of spending precious time then, learn in advance – the Split Screen View and the Multi Window Mode are two useful features of any Galaxy J7 device.

Some people ignore using it for the simple reason that they are unaware of this option. Since it doesn’t come active by default, one would have to manually turn it on in order to enjoy it.

If you don’t know about any of these, you are about to learn. Just read on and keep an open mind, who knows when you’re going to need it…


Enable the Multi Window Mode – Galaxy J7 instructions:

  1. Start your smartphone;
  2. Navigate to Settings;
  3. Select Device;
  4. Select Multi Window;
  5. Switch the Multi Window toggle to On – right from the top-right corner;
  6. Check the Open In Multi Window View box – if you want to make it a default option.


Use the Multi Window Mode on your Galaxy J7:

  1. Confirm that the Multi Window Mode is active by looking for the gray semicircle on the screen;
  2. Tap the semicircle and launch the Multi Window mode;
  3. Drag one app that you want to use onto the screen;
  4. Drag the second app you want to share the screen with;
  5. Tap on the circle from the center of the screen;
  6. Place the circle in a different location to adjust the sizes of the two windows;
  7. Start using the two apps however you please.


As you can see, the steps of activating, configuring, and using this mode on Samsung Galaxy J7 are much simpler than you were probably expecting it to be. From now on, you can have more flexibility when running multiple apps and even copy information from one window to another in an easier way.


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