Galaxy J7, J8, J9, J6, J5, J4, J3, J2, J1 Forgot My Pattern Lock – Solved

There is probably no other thing more annoying than forgetting the password that unlocks Samsung Galaxy J7, J8, J9, J6, J5, J4, J3, J2, J1. While many users feel embarrassed of ending up in this situation, the emphasis, in this context, should be put on “many”. You’re not alone and there are at least three different methods of getting you out of this situation that we can think of.

You might not like the suggestion of a hard factory reset, but, truth to be told, it is the most straightforward method that resets all the settings of the Galaxy J7, J8, J9, J6, J5, J4, J3, J2, J1 device, including your password. If you had a backup recently created, for all your important files and documents, that’s great. If not, you might feel sorry about it, but choose to proceed anyway.

Of course, there are also instances when you could use any of these two options:


Reset password of Galaxy J7, J8, J9, J6, J5, J4, J3, J2, J1 with the Samsung Find My Mobile service;

  1. Register with it;
  2. Temporary reset the password;
  3. Use it to unlock the device;
  4. Reset the password permanently.


Reset the password from the Android Device Manager service;

  1. Access the Android Device Manager from a PC;
  2. Log in with your credentials;
  3. Select your device;
  4. Enable the Lock & Erase option;
  5. Follow the steps to lock the device;
  6. Set up a new, temporary password;
  7. Enter it on the Galaxy;
  8. Then change it to a permanent password.


Both services require you that you register the phone with them. The Find My Mobile alternative to Apple’s popular Find My iPhone boasts a series of Remote Controls like the one described above.

The Android Device Manager acts, through its Lock feature, as an emergency solution. You’re basically suggesting that the device ended up in the wrong hands and you choose to lock it remotely, from a computer. The service will grant you a new, temporary password that you can use as soon as you regain its possession.

Of course, since you have the phone at hand, you can unlock it right away and set up a new password.

If, for whatever reasons, you couldn’t perform any of these two actions, you’re back to the hard reset.


The instructions to factory reset a Galaxy J7, J8, J9, J6, J5, J4, J3, J2, J1:

  1. Turn off the smartphone;
  2. Press and hold on the Volume Up, Power, and Home keys;
  3. Let go of them as soon as the Android icon appears on the screen;
  4. Select, with the Volume Down key, the Wipe Data / Factory Reset menu;
  5. Tap on Power to confirm that you want to start the reset;
  6. Select, with the same Volume Down key, the option “Yes, delete all user data”;
  7. Tap on Power to officially start the reset;
  8. When it restarts and returns to the Recovery Mode, select the Reboot System Now menu;
  9. Tap on Power to restart the phone and this time it should return to the normal running mode, leaving the Recovery Mode.


With an empty phone, you’d better start configuring it and making it back as it was. An alternative to the entire above can be found in this guide on how to factory reset Galaxy J7, J8, J9, J6, J5, J4, J3, J2, J1. Back up everything, so you won’t lose anything, and follow the instructions!

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