Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8+ Plus: Find Phone Using Lost Mode

We all lose our phones from time to time. Rather than tear your house apart trying to find it, it can be far more effective using technology to identify its location. Here we talk about how you can find your Galaxy S8 if you ever lose it. We also describe a way to delete the personal data on your phone and lock its usability, in the case that you are sure it has been stolen and there is no chance of getting it back.


How to Locate Lost Galaxy S8

There are two main services that will allow you to locate your phone. One is the Android device manager by Google. This is available if you have used your phone for Gmail or other Google account apps. The other is Samsung’s Find my Mobile system. This is available if you have made a Samsung account and have signed in to the lost device with this account before.


Using Android Manager

First, let’s go over the Android manager option. All you need to access this service is a web browser. This function will allow you to both locate the position of your phone and also lock it. It is also possible to ring your phone, even if it is on silent mode. Follow these steps to get going:

  1. Go to this address:  Android Device Manager
  2. In the login screen, enter your Google account information to enter.
  3. The screen will then show you a map and name of your device.
  4. You can then try to find your phone using the information from the map, or you can wipe its data. Lock it if you think it has been stolen.


If this option does to apply to you because you did not use your google account on this device, you can move on and use the next method as described below.


Using Samsung’s “Find My Phone”

This service will allow you to locate your phone remotely, lock it, delete all personal data, as well as locate it on Google maps. Follow these steps to activate this service.

  1. First, get on this site:  Samsung Find my Mobile.
  2. You will need your Samsung account details to log in.
  3. Once in, a number of options will come up on screen.
  4. To see where you phone is on google maps, click on locate my device. The information refers to your phone’s location when it was last connected to the internet.
  5. There is also an option to wipe all essential data, like credit card details and information that is of a sensitive nature.
  6. “Ring My Phone” will activate a ring that is loud even if the phone is set to silent. It will ring at full volume.


Once you have completed these steps you should be able to locate the position of your phone. If it is in your home that is perfect safe to collect. If it is outside, far away, and on the move, it is highly advisable to contact the police and not pursue the phone yourself. If it is in someone else’s possession, it can be very dangerous to confront them in person on your own. Do the safe thing and contact the authorities with all the information you have.

If your phone is off, it might have only just run out of battery. So it will have likely relayed a position to google just before powering off or some time before. In this event it can still be helpful to check App manager to get an idea of its position at the final moment of its working battery life. This could help remind you of its exact whereabouts and what you were doing when it left your side.


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