Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8 + Plus: Fix Green And Pink Lines Problem

Most of the Galaxy S8 users will agree with me when I say that the smartphone is a real wonder. Not only has Samsung gotten rid of unused settings, but it has also improved those features that users frequent. By adding some more features, it has made the device an even more beautiful one.

However, since purchasing my new Galaxy S8 unit, I’ll be lying if I say I haven’t received my fair share of nagging persistent problems. How did things get to this point? Samsung had a claim that its latest Galaxy S8 project is a water proof device, which proved to be a big lie. Samsung Galaxy S8 can only be said to be water resistant.

So if you soaked your device in water for a long time, then you can be sure of some issues like moisture detected in the charging port. On top of that, after a few days of usage, your device’s AMOLED screen will be displaying some pink and green lines and if not fixed, it could lead to a dead AMOLED panel. Am sure some of you have experienced this issue.

If you have experienced such a case, your question would be, what do I do in such a particular case? Personally, I started by switching my phone OFF for an hour then turned it back ON. Those annoying lines were gone at that point, but then started appearing every now and then as purple/grey vertical lines. I then tried changing the adaptive display or AMOLED cinema to AMOLED basic mode from the display settings. This helps reduce the intensity of the pink and green lines, but your problem will not be completely solved.

For you to fix the pink and green lines appearing on the screen of your Galaxy S8, you’d have to contact Samsung or the vendor from whom you first bought the device from. If your device is still under warranty, do not hesitate to claim it. You should then get your screen replaced or a replacement unit offered to you entirely.




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