Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8+ Plus: Fix SD Card Notification

There’s no doubt that the Galaxy S8+ Plus is one of the top phones currently available on the market. It’s great that Samsung opted to include the microSD card slot for those users looking to gain extra storage space on their smartphone. However, sometimes users have noticed that an SD card notification constantly appears. The notification reads “SD card, for transferring photos and media.” It stays on the display and asks whether the Galaxy S8+ Plus owner would like to explore the SD card or eject it from the phone.

When you’re just trying to use your phone or access files on your microSD card, this message can become very frustrating. For most users, it will only appear once or twice, but if it keeps happening, you may need to find a solution.

In the steps we have provided below, you’ll be able to resolve the SD card notification glitch on your Samsung Galaxy S8+ Plus. Follow the steps below carefully to resolve the glitch.


How to Fix SD Card Notification on Galaxy S8+ Plus:

  • First, try to re-insert your microSD card again. Release the microSD card and then re-insert it and make sure it’s securely inserted before continuing.
  • If you’re still receiving the notification, your microSD card may be faulty. Try using another microSD card to determine whether the issue is due to your current microSD card or not.
  • If you’re still receiving the notification with another microSD card, try to re-insert the microSD card, but this time make sure that the card is seated properly.
  • Still receiving problems? There may be hardware problems with your Galaxy S8+ Plus. You may need to get in contact with Samsung or an official technician so that they can look at the issue for you or provide you with a replacement model.


Fortunately, you can always swipe the notification away each time it appears. If you can’t find a solution, there’s still always the opportunity to remove the notification manually each time it appears.





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