Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8+ Plus: How Operate Two Apps At Same Time

The Galaxy S8 Plus is arguably the most interesting smartphones of the year. This is because a lot of people have noticed that there are a variety of new designs and features that it has. If you are noticing these new aspect or you want to learn how you can use the device, you could be able to use two different apps during the same tie on the Galaxy S8 Plus.

It is true that just like a variety of other Samsung devices, you can use it on your handset too. You will be able to use split screen mode on different apps on your Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus to be able to look at two different apps simultaneously. Doing so, will let you look at a great YouTube video, read an interesting email that you got, or look a guide on learning about different smartphone devices. This can be a very useful feature.

Take a look at the guide below in order to learn how you can use this great feature.


Running Two Separate Apps at Once on the Galaxy S8 Plus:

  1. Initially, you need to have the app opened that you want to normally use. This can either be Google Chrome or Gmail or something else.
  2. However, keep in mind of one certain aspect: multi screen must be used on the app. But if it can’t, you will see a message that your app “does not support split screen view” and you are not able to continue.
  3. Next, you need to click the button for multi tasking that is at the left of your home button.
  4. You will notice all of the apps that are running and opened that you are able to switch to.
  5. But, a lot of the apps will have a small dual window box that has a couple of rectangles on it. You will enable the mode for multi screen.
  6. Next, you can choose another app and then notice that the same app cannot be opened twice.
  7. If you do this, you will have two separate apps simultaneously opened and other app will be able to drop and drag the content between the other when they are in split screen.
  8. Click and hold the Recent button.
  9. Have apps that you decide to use opened.
  10. Have the other app that you decide to use opened.
  11. Click on your app window that you would like to drop and drag the content on.
  12. From here, there will be a blue border surrounding the app that you decided to choose.
  13. Do not wait to click on the middle circle that is white in between the 2 app windows.
  14. Click the button for drag & drop content, and then click the window for the app, and then click a white circle, then click on drag and drop key.
  15. Next, try to drag your content to the app window that you decided to choose the different app window.


Make sure that the Galaxy S8 Plus lets you know whether or not the functionality is limited if you decide to use different apps that are not supported.

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