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Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8+ Plus: How To Backup Device


The problem how you can factory reset the Samsung Galaxy S8 and how you can the do the factory reset on the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ Plus. Also, how you can back up the reset on the Samsung Galaxy S8.


How to fix it

Take a look at the steps below in order to learn how you can backup data on a Google Account manually so that your Galaxy S8 does not lose any of your contacts, apps, or photos.


Backup Videos and Photos:

Your Google account will have your photos backed up. You can use Google Photos or the Google Photos app on whatever app to access the photos.

  1. Make sure Google Photos app is opened. You can have Google Photos from the Play Store by downloading it.
  2. Click on the Menu icon towards the top of the screen on the left side.
  3. Choose the Settings
  4. Click on Back up & sync
  5. Have the toggle on for the Backup and click the Backup All option so that your videos and photos can be backed up.


Contact Backup:

  1. Click on the Contacts starting from your Home screen.
  2. Click on the More key.
  3. Choose what contacts you can move device.
  4. Click on Google
  5. You will be able to go into your own Google account if you have to.
  6. You can find the contacts on in your Google account.


Backup Wi-Fi passwords, data and other settings:

  1. Navigate to the Settings, and then go to Backup and Reset.
  2. Toggle the Back Up my data on.


You will be able to restore your Galaxy S8 to factory mode after you have followed the steps above.

  1. Navigate to the Settings, and then go to Backup and Reset.
  2. Click theFactory data reset option
  3. Click on theReset Phone option
  4. There will be a reboot of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and you will have it greet you.
  5. Have the Google account put in when you can.
  6. You will have apps and contacts automatically restored.
  7. Go to Google Photos app so you can find photos.


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