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Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8+ Plus: How To Close Apps

In this post we explain how you can close apps on your Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ Plus that are running needlessly in the background. Here we explain how you can stop these functions to improve performance and increase battery life.

Some users might feel this is a very easy task and won’t need to follow this guide. But for those that have only just started using android phones, this can be more complex than it first seems. Follow these step-by-step instructions to do this on your Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ Plus.


How To Close Apps On Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8+ Plus:

  1. Start at your home screen. To the left of you home key button, there is another button, this is called the multitasking button.
  2. Tap this button to bring up the multitasking menu. This menu shows the list of apps you currently have running. Using this button, you can very quickly switch between apps like gmail, search browsers and messaging almost instantly.
  3. The menu has no other options but to scroll through the list of apps, swipe to close any apps and at the bottom, a single close all apps option. You can either go through and swipe to close all apps individually. Of go down to this single close all function if you think you have too many apps open to go through.
  4. Many apps will save your progress. So swiping them closed and re-opening them later will bring up the same page you were last on.
  5. It can be a very good idea to never close everything all at once. This list will include all your other recent activity, like phone calls, messages and search browsers. Closing these will mean your unsent messages and other progress is lost. Having to start again can be a waste of battery or cpu processing.
  6. The apps that take up the most battery are usually powerful functions like google maps, navigation apps and games. These are the types of programs you should aim to remove to save battery and performance.


If you really don’t want to mess around with having to riffle through your long list of apps one at a time, use the “Close All” option to shut down all of them. This will pretty much eliminate all the progress you have in all the apps that are closed.

For most users we strongly advise that you take the time to keep going through your open apps list to remove unwanted ones rather than getting in the habit of hitting “close all” constantly. The vast majority of users will find that their activity is repetitive.

This can mean a lot of time and energy is saved, if instead of re-opening apps all the time, you simply left them open in the background until you need them again. We would suggest you just try to avoid doing this will all of your activity.

It can be surprising how much a mountain of background apps can alter the speed and battery life of your device. If you have never even considered any of these steps shown above before, you will likely have an endless list of apps in your recent apps list. Try deleting them all at this point to realize the significant improvement. Then simply be aware in future that every time you open a function or window on your phone, that it will be saved and kept open within this list.


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