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Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8+ Plus: How To Create GIF Photos – Guide

Photos are still images by definition. But as weird would sound the idea of motion photos, it’s not. Not for your Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus and its super-cool camera app. Before we get there, however, we’d like to introduce you to a just as unexpected feature, the one of creating GIF photos.

Motion photos are not the same with GIFs. The first ones are, just like the name suggests, photos on the move. This feature of S8+ Plus is actually pretty similar to the Live Photos feature powered by Apple. GIFs, on the other hand, are very popular online and you must have seen thousands of them by now.

To better understand their essence, perhaps we should explain the name a little bit. GIF stands for the Graphics Interchange Format, otherwise a dynamic graphic image. It consists of a short frame that keeps moving and repeating itself over and over again. A dancing figurine, someone waving a hand, a face laughing out loud, someone frowning and many other short gestures or actions that have meaning when isolated, can make a great GIF subject.

Behind this repetitive image is a GIG89a format smart enough to take a series of still images and display them in the right order, with the right speed, to make it look like a moving image. The effect of a short animation is nothing but a series of very fast displayed images.

As common as GIFs are online, it’s not as simple to create them, at least not with the resources of an Android phone. Correct that, your Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus has those resources. More precisely, its camera app is equipped with the right assistant to make GIFs happen.

For the end user, suffices to access the Animated GIF mode from the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus camera’s settings and you can start capturing an animated photo. Are you ready to try it out?

  1. From the Camera app, select the Mode icon;
  2. Find the Animated GIF option and tap on it;
  3. Start the shooting.


When you’ve gathered enough snapshots, head to the Gallery app of the Galaxy S8+ Plus and take a look at all the cool GIFs you have created.

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