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Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8 Plus: How To Delete Pictures From Samsung Cloud

If you own the Samsung Galaxy S8, you are given a total of 15GB free storage on Samsung Cloud. If you run out of space, or simply want to delete some photos, it is possible to delete pictures from the cloud within a few seconds.

This can save your back when pictures you do not want on the cloud get uploaded automatically, but it’s also useful for clearing up your cloud storage so that you can take more photos in the future.


To delete photos in your Samsung Cloud account, you will need to follow the steps below:

  1. Here is how to delete the photos on Samsung Cloud using the Samsung Galaxy S8:
  2. Go to your home screen, then open the settings app. Then open Cloud & Accounts.
  3. After that, navigate to Samsung Cloud, then Manage Cloud Storage.l
  4. You can now see your cloud storage space usage.
  5. Tap “Gallery” then tap “Remove from Samsung Cloud.” You will need to type in your Samsung Cloud password to confirm the process. After this, all of the gallery files will be removed from the cloud, and photos will no longer auto-sync to the cloud.


Hopefully, this guide has helped you to delete all of the photos on your Samsung Galaxy Cloud account whilst using the Samsung Galaxy S8.

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