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Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8+ Plus: How To Disable Text Message Previews

Here we aim to help all Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ Plus owners learn how to prevent pop up notifications for texts and messages you might want to keep as private as possible. With these devices it is possible to activate a setting that stops previews and the content of messages showing up on the home screen. This can be important if you want to keep all of your content away from the view of others standing near you.

Some users may enjoy the factory setting for massages on the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ Plus. It can be very useful when pressed for time, or in a particularly lazy mood, to have the option to view messages without actually opening them or unlocking the phone. But for many, this can be more of a nuisance.

It is possible to avoid using the built in app altogether. There are other alternative options on Google play that don’t have this preview feature. But for those that want to persist with the app already installed on the phone, he we shed some light on how you can disable the pesky preview and dynamic notification functions.


Disable Text Popups

One of the most popular features of the pre-installed text app is the Popup notification. It’s a window that appears, shows you key information as well as a preview of the message while allowing you to reply in one smooth operation. It’s convenient, but can prove troublesome in work environments or tightly crowded public spaces.

The notification bar is also impacted. An icon appears that take up a portion of the screen. Users who don’t like things happening without their permission will be disturbed by this constantly. Here’s a step by step process for turning these functions off.

  1. Open the default “Messages” app.
  2. There is a “more” button in the top right of the screen. Push it.
  3. Select settings.
  4. Then find and select notifications.
  5. There is an option to turn off “Pop-up display”. Once this is done the the pop-ups should cease.


There has been an update this year by Samsung for the message app. It allows users to shut off Previews. You can turn off Previews while keeping the pop-ups if you would prefer it.


Lockscreen Information

The last little thing thing that might be bothering you, is the lock screen notifications. We explain how you can remove this feature right here.

Most users will be perfectly happy with the preview off and pop-ups activated. when it comes to the lock screen, you will have options to chose from. Follow these steps to remove lock screen notifications:

  1. Open settings. Do this by dragging the notification bar down and selecting the setting icon.
  2. Find and tap “Lockscreen & security”.
  3. Then go down to “notifications on lockscreen“.
  4. Tap the option which is called “Content on lock screen”.
  5. Then select to hide the content.
  6. This will dampen the level of information your receive to the lockscreen.
  7. If you want everything to be removed completely, you should tap “Do not show notifications”. When this is selected, users won’t have messages and emails appear on the lockscreen at all.


That’s it! Now you will not have to worry about others easily seeing your content when it first arrives to you.


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