Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8+ Plus: How To Easily Adjust Exposure

The new Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone comes with an amazing camera which has great megapixels that you will probably fall in love with. Although the camera on this smartphone has much fewer megapixels compared to the older Galaxy models, this difference is irrelevant as long as you can still get very cool pictures taken using the Samsung Galaxy S8. The scenes in photos taken using the Galaxy S8 camera are brighter hence making it highly visible.

Additionally, the smartphone has an autofocus on the dual pixel camera and this removes the burden of having to manually focus on objects. If you click on the display, you will get another amazing feature.

This option ensures that provided you touch on the screen, there is no need to slide your finger on the exposure slider. This is made easier by simply having to swipe down or anywhere else on your screen to adjust the picture’s exposure.

To lock the exposure of a particular picture to a specific area, simply put the tip of your finger on one area and in the camera app and keep your fingertip there for some seconds. This provides a better override to the automatic exposure settings of your smartphone without necessarily having to get into the Pro camera Mode which you might shy aware from.

Yes, it is true that Samsung’s smartphones sport some of the greatest camera in the smartphone industry and with the Galaxy S8, you can capture some exciting photos even while set in an auto mode.

Remember to always adjust the exposure every time you feel like some specific parts of your photos ought to be perfectly exposed if the automatic exposure setting fails to bring out the picture’s exposure as your prefer it. This is a cool feature is you want to get more from your smartphone’s camera.


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