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Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8+ Plus: How To Fix Freezes On Samsung Logo

The Samsung Galaxy S8 happens to be the latest flagship project by Samsung. This smartphone stands out as one of the few elite phones in the current smartphones market. Millions of people all over the world are using the Galaxy S8 device which has a stylish and sleek body. With a certified resistance to water rating, the S8 Samsung Galaxy smartphone is a priced asset if you happen to have one.


Galaxy S8 Stuck at Samsung Logo

For those who have experienced their Galaxy S8 freezing at the Samsung Logo, I have a proven solution that will probably work for you. Although this solution is a simple one its only setback is that it will get rid of all data currently on your phone. For newbies, this method might appear a bit weird due to some technicalities involved. However, if you keenly follow this guide, you should not face any troubles with the procedure. It can be quite frustrating not being able to access your phone. And the purpose of this post is to bail you out of such problems.

The remedy lies in the flashing of the stock ROM in your Galaxy S8 smartphone. This process makes your phone to internal get a new look. I know you are eager to know what Flashing Stock ROM is all about.

It is important to ensure that you get the appropriate ROM for your smartphone. You can also use any carrier free ROM, obtainable from the link above if your smartphone is not branded or if it is carrier unlocked. Make sure you have got the right ROM for your phone. You can know if your phone is branded by checking to see if any carrier or logo appears each time you start the phone.

But you can easily know when your device is clean if you only see the Samsung logo when rebooting your smartphone. Worth noting is the fact that shouldn’t flash an unbranded ROM on a device that is branded. Neither should you flash a branded ROM on an unbranded device.


Fixing Galaxy S8 that is stuck at the logo using the process of flashing stock ROM

  1. For a start, down ODIN onto your PC
  2. You should also install on your PC all the Samsung USB drivers
  3. Then download the appropriate ROM for your Galaxy S8 then extract this on your PC or any other place from where you can easily access it. By extracting the .zip file, you should get .tar or alternatively the .tar.md5 file
  4. Switch off the Galaxy S8 device
  5. Go to the Download Mode by;
  6. Pressing the Power Button, Volume Down and the Home Button at the same time
  7. Continue to hold the buttons until a warning appears
  8. Continue by pressing the volume up button
  9. Launch ODIN from your PC
  10. Now connect the Galaxy S8 to your PC using a data cable.  The ID:COM section will then turn to blue as you can see from the skin below; this indicates that your smartphone has recognized the PC
  11. Tap on any ODIN version such as the PDA or the AP.
  12. From here, find and choose the Stock ROM that you had initially downloaded.


If for any reason you have a firmware that extracts in multiple files, the corresponding sections can be selected according to the following format; AP belongs to PDA, BL belongs to Bootloader and CP belongs to Phone or Modem. Now select the CSC file in CSC tab. (In most cases, you only need to choose the AP/PDA file such as in the screenshots shown below)

Ensure to check the options for F. Reset Time and Auto Reboot. Remember, the repartition should Not be checked.

  1. Tap on
  2. Do nothing for about 5 minutes and you shouldn’t disconnect your smartphone from the PC when the ODIN is still flashing. This might brick your smartphone. Be patient even if the process takes longer.
  3. The flashing will finally complete after which your smartphone will reboot. The problem of getting stuck on the Samsung Logo will finally be over.


To conclude, it is my hope that the instructions provided in this guide will be of use to you. Leave a comment or any questions if you have any regarding this guide. It will be great to read your feedback if this guide works successfully for you.


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