Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8+ Plus: How To Fix Heart Rate Monitor Not Working

As a part of the S Health program, your Samsung Galaxy S8 features a special Heart Rate monitor function. This built-in feature is supposed to allow you to monitor your heart rate on the go. If you have recently noticed that it isn’t working at all, or that it is working incorrectly or providing you inaccurate results, there might be a fix for it.

This short tutorial is about a particular type of Galaxy S8 Heart Rate monitor not working issue – when you’ve just started to use this thing and it seems to you that there’s something wrong with it.

You see, most smartphone users who deal with such problems are usually in a common situation – they have forgotten to remove the protection foil attached to its sensor. This protection foil is stuck to the device’s lens from the factory. And it is such a thin coating that it is very easy to not notice it.

When that happens, the device has all the chances to display weird heart rate results. Nevertheless, as you can imagine, the fix is as simple as removing the protective film.

You might be surprised, but all it takes is using some… scotch tape. Stick it on the sensor of the heart rate monitor and pull it off after that. It should come out with the sensor’s protective film glued on the scotch tape, thus letting you with a clear, unobstructed sensor.

Now you can test the Heart Rate monitor of your Samsung Galaxy S8 or Samsung Galaxy S8+ Plus and see how it goes. This time, the results should be more accurate and you can enjoy using the S Health suite of your smartphone!

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