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Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8+ Plus: How To Get Ride Of Flipboard Briefing

Something I have always been curious about is why there is a Briefing/Flipboard page on my home screen and why Samsung decided to put make it this way. The Samsung My Magazine option on the device has been on it since back for the Galaxy S5. It is common to know that it is a type of panel that is occupied with sources and various news that are customized according to the owner of the smartphone. Next, Flipboard Briefing is the new name of the My Magazine but it is basically the same thing. It can be annoying that it is always on the left side of the screen and it is tough to find an actual useful purpose for it.

Using this option drains the battery on the Galaxy S8 or you just like the widget style for things like an app so it can be put on for whatever home screen page and change the size or have some better visual representation for your stories. This will always be on the important part of your Galaxy S8 screen panel.

But, you will still see a briefing page on your Samsung Galaxy S8. It is surprisingly on the left home screen on default on the smartphone the perks are very similar.

This could be a relatively good replacement for have an app dedicated to news for some people but they are not the same. Take a look at this guide if you are concerned about your device’s battery life and you want to have personalized content on there. The good news is that it is very easy to get rid of this and take control of the matter. You should definitely try to turn Flipboard briefing if you do not find it or if you are getting tired of clicking the panel by accident and you can do this by swiping from the left until you see the Briefing panel. Next, locate the switch that is close to the top right. Do not pause to drag a switch from the right to turn Flipboard briefing off on the Galaxy S8.

Surely, you will also be able to device to move the switch from the left so Flipboard briefing can be enabled on the Galaxy S8. You can also to revert to the way things were before if device you want things back.

It is very easy to turn the Flipoard briefing option off so that switch and access the feature off and on takes very little time. So what do you think? Do you happened to use Briefing page on the Galaxy S8 smartphone or do you want to remove this option first?

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