Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8+ Plus: How To Improve GPS Signal

Our lives have been made much easier thanks to the GPS technology. GPS sensors which are installed on most smartphones allow you make use of apps such as the Google Maps and other location services to gain access to geolocation through a range of services and applications.

With the great importance of GPS technology, it is also responsible for enabling users to play games such as the Pokémon Go. To fully optimize the accuracy of the Android GPS, the following measures can be quite effective.


Improving the GPS Signal on Android Smartphone’s GPS

Switching on High Accuracy GPS Mode

Getting a stronger GPS signal means sacrificing some battery life in the process. You may however you can save some battery life especially when you switch off the GPS mode after playing a game that requires it such as the Pokémon Go.

You can switch on the GPS on your Android smartphone by going to the settings and opening the Locations menu. From here check to ensure that location services have been enabled. To make it turn green, you have to toggle the switch to the right. This will enable you switch on the Location Tab after which you should proceed to the Mode. To ensure that the GPS signal strength is of High Accuracy, tap on the Mode. Once you complete this step, using GPS and the WiFi connections automatically tracks your smartphone’s location.


Activating a GPS Signal

Among the most significant issues that users face while browsing through different apps is that the GPS will have to be off so as to save some battery life. As an example, you could be playing Pokemon Go and would like to peep at the notifications on your mobile phone, this will have to turn off the GPS on your Android device. You can however help to ensure a strong and accurate GPS signal by keeping the GPS signal active. This can be done by installing GPS apps such as Connected GPS. Although these apps tend to undermine your battery life, they do a pretty job in acting as GPS booster.


Finding Out Issues related to the GPS

Sometimes you find out that your Android device still receives a weak and poor GPS signal even after try every possible solution. At this point, you should consider checking if there are any software or hardware related problems causing the issue. These issues can be effectively resolved so as to enhance the accuracy of your GPS signal. You’re your smartphone settings, go to the GPS Essentials, check here for the main menu and click on the icon Satellites then observe the connection of your smartphone to some of world satellites.

If no satellite is observed around, then you should know that some metallic objects could be responsible for the connection interference. Some hardware or software issues could also cause this interference. It is recommended to seek professional assistance when your smartphone experiences such an issue. The customer support staff can help to correct the software or hardware related issue that could be responsible for the poor connection.


Refreshing the GPS Data

In some cases, you may experience the Android’s GPS getting stuck on a specific satellite which may not even be in range. Such issues result in improper GPS functioning on your Android device. Such issues can be easily fixed by making use of apps such as GPS Status & Toolbox. These apps refresh the data for GPS on your Android smartphone through clearing this data. Once this is done, your GPS searches for new satellite connections from the beginning so as to ensure there is an optimized GPS signal strength.

This is also serves to ensure a better GPS accuracy. From the installed app, click anywhere on the screen and go to Manage A-GPS State under the Menu icon. Click to Reset. Return to the Manage A-GPS State and click on Download. This will help the GPS data to stay refreshed for optimized strength of the GPS signal.


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