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Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8+ Plus: How To Lock Apps

It is very necessary to have the fingerprint sensor on your Android device and it not a luxury anymore. The feelings behind it are bit a divided by some thinking it is a much easier alternative to using a password or pin in case you forgot it and some feel that it is a bit extra and that is too much. The fingerprint sensor on your on your device allows you to get a lot more done using the additional hardware input on your device.

Some people think that the lock screen to good enough to keep the nasty and prying eyes of intruder and others use third-party apps cuh as Gallery or WhatsApp in order to lock important apps. Your Galaxy S8 can switch the need to put in a code to enter it and switch it to a fingerprint scan compared to other apps.

The Samsung Galaxy device has some apps that you use fingerprint security in order to lock other apps. Take a look at the guide below in order to learn the two best ways to accomplish.


Fingerprint App Locker

When you use this app, you immediately get what you want and it is a very easy app. You will need to authenticate your fingerprint once the app has been installed on the Play Store so that it gets configured in the system. You will need to have two settings enabled once it has been authenticated. Permission will need to be given the Accessibility Settings so that access can be taken to use apps. To use uninstall protection, you must have the control for Device Administrators activated.

You will see a list of all apps that are on the device once you have provided the necessary permissions. You will also see system apps on the list of app that does not include the app that was downloaded by you. You can enable the fingerprint security by moving the button to enable to use it for an app.

Once the apps have been launched, you will need to have your fingerprint authenticated before you use the app. You will not be able to look at apps that have been used before once it is used. However, there is only one issue that the app encounters which is that you can only use a fingerprint sensor. This could lead to some trouble as you want someone else to open your phone or you get a cut on your finger.


Fingerprint and Password App Lock

There is a bit more features that we should talk about in this option. You can lock other apps once you install the original app but you can only use fingerprint security on Samsung devices. You can use a pin if you are not able to use a fingerprint using the app. This is great because you will be able to give your pin to a person you trust and lock apps that you want to keep private.

You are able to turn the option on in your settings since it sees the saved fingerprints on the app. You can also decide whether on not you would like to wait or just unlock apps that were just open right away. You will then be able to use certain precautions that do not allow people to delete apps off your phone without you knowing such as App Lock. However, App Lock does not work System App but you do not need to be concerned about that. The app can also be activated as a Device Administrator so that there will be a bit more security.


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