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Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8+ Plus: How To Quick Launch Camera

Are you a fan of taking photos with your phone camera? Simply make a camera shortcut on your Galaxy S8 and enjoy a fast access to taking pictures anytime and anywhere.

Samsung smartphones has a lot of wonderful features and the ability to quick launch the camera is one of the best things that users find very useful. This feature was first introduced on Samsung Galaxy S8 and luckily this feature has also been imported to Samsung Galaxy S8. This feature has also been improved in the latest version so expect it to work faster than the last version.

The mighty question, do you know how to use the feature? Some people might not really know how to but if you are really into taking pictures or you are a fan of capturing a moment of everything, then this is definitely one of the things you should probably know.

This is a pretty simple step as well because all you are required to do is simply press the Home button twice in a row. That is all you are required to do. Pressing the Home button twice automatically opens the camera app within no time. What’s cool about this shortcut is that it works no matter what. Even if the Galaxy S8 is in lock mode, the camera app will still launch when using the shortcut. Don’t fumble around trying to wake the phone up first, simply press the Home button two times and you are all set.

Samsung has also greatly improved the auto focus speed on this shortcut as well. When you open the shortcut, it launches the camera and the auto focus adjusts immediately. This particular aspect makes the Samsung camera app to really stand out.

You can also disable this feature if you wish to. Launch the camera app, hit on the gear-shaped icon to open on Settings. On the Settings menu, browse for Quick launch and toggle it to OFF. This option is provided for those who don’t wish to have this feature on their smartphones. So whether you want to keep it or not is put entirely up to you.


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