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Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8+ Plus: How To Remove Predictive Text

You may have recently purchased a Samsung Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8 and you have realized that you can customize your Android in many different ways. It may be confusing to know where you have to go in order to have the settings changed. However, we will show you how you can turn predictive text off on the Android and how you can set other preferences for your keyboard.


Turning predictive text off on Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ Plus 

First Step.

From the top of your screen, drag it down two times just in case you have iteration that is recent of the Android the show the quick settings. You can then click on the cog icon that opens of the menu for the settings. You may need to use an alternative route to navigate to the settings for other photos, but you are always able to look at the app tray for your Settings app and decide to pin them to the home screen if you want easy access to have the settings changed.


Second Step.

You must go down to the Language & input option and click on it. Click on Virtual Keyboard that is beneath the section of Keyboard & input steps.


Third Step.

You must then click the name of your preferred keyboard. When you choose Google Keyboard, you will notice that all settings are available. You can click on Text Correction and turn predictive text off and also toggle the option for Show Suggestions off as well.


Options for text correction

You can use an alternative method of Personal dictionary in the menu for Text correction. It is possible to put in more word and you can use this when it autocorrect a word or a person’s name constantly. You can also put in shortcuts for the word when you go to add it, which makes it easier to type in more complex and long words.

There are other options that have methods to show personalized suggestion (shows the words that you like to use a lot using other services that are run by Google), correct suggestions, and other contact names for suggestion.


Gesture typing

You can locate the menu for Gesture Typing when you return to the level of the menu for Text correction. This allows you to turn off the ability to put in words using your finger to swipe across your keyboard and turn a gesture trail off and allows automatically turn adding spaces within words off whenever you go over the space bar.


Settings that are advanced

The menu that is advanced allows you to put delay times on with press of a key like holding down a certain key to get another key given a certain period. You can also disallow the stats to be given to Google.


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