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Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8+ Plus: How To Transfer iTunes Music

We have some users who have recently changed from and iPhone to the Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ Plus to because of the water resistance ability and the storage expansion reasons. The iTunes can be transferred but you do not know. In the following narrations, you will find a guide on how to transfer iTunes to Galaxy S8+ Plus and Galaxy S8.

We have users who have a long list of music that they cannot operate any phone without it. The added advantage along with other good feature in the Galaxy S8, are the large storage space and good quality of the battery. If by any reason you have changed to Galaxy S8+ Plus it possible for you to transfer files from the phone to the new Galaxy S8+ Plus. In this case, we are going to dwell so much on the music but it is possible for the other types of files and data.

There is one obvious way to transfer data to Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ Plus where the phone has a dongle in the box for data transferability to be established. In this explanation, you will be able to learn about the Samsung’s smart switch tool that is effective for the task and also does not consume much of the power in the battery. Another one is the click and drag available for the Galaxy users and this has the possibility of doing things for you and other programs for the task.


How to Transfer iTunes Music to Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ Plus

Samsung Smart Switch

  • The Samsung Smart switch is owned by the Galaxy S8+ Plus developers which are Samsung
  • It works well with the Android, iPhone, and others, furthermore it is effective and powerful so you do not have to doubt about the tool.
  • Using the USB dongle that comes with the phone, connect the two phones together and follow the on display steps that will appear immediately you connect the two devices.
  • The transfer with this method can be accomplished in less than half an hour.
  • Now connect the dongle to the iPhone lightning cable to the Galaxy S8 and the iPhone and use the Smartswitch in the Galaxy S8 to transfer files and data of your choice.
  • To start the transfer of the files from the iPhone to the Galaxy S8+ Plus and Galaxy S8, go to the settings in the Galaxy S8+ Plus and touch on the “Backup and reset” buttons.
  • If this procedure proves to be hard you can find the instructions for Samsung’s how to use Smart Switch, but you touch “Open Smart Switch”.
  • One good thing about the method is that it will give the transferee the opportunity to choose which files not to transfer and which ones to transfer.
  • The period to be taken by the tool to accomplish the action will depend on the size of the data to be transferred and the smaller the file the lesser time it takes to finish.
  • The Smart switch does not only work on the Galaxy S8+ Plus, it can also be installed in a computer and will work better.


Drag and Drop Method

The drag and drop method is the easiest way to add files to the Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ Plus, put the Micro-SD card and drag files in the card from the iPhone, once this is done remove the card and put in the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ Plus.

This is not the only way you plug in the Micro-SD cable on the computer and then transfer files to Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ Plus.

This will only be possible if you have located where the files are on the computer and most probably they may in the windows documents in the category of music and further in the music files on my iTunes section for the windows XP. On the other hand, you may be operating on the windows 7, windows Vista, and windows 8 you have to go to C then music and my iTunes. For MAC OS X, you will find them on Users>Username>Music>iTunes. Once you have located the files you can now connect the Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ Plus to the computer and pull down the notification bar to activate the media transfer protocol (MTP), but if you are using the MAC you will need to install Android File Transfer  program to complete the process successfully. Tap on the iTunes you highlighted on the computer and drag them to the music folder that you had created before in the Galaxy S8+ Plus. Wait for the process to finish up and then check if the iTunes music is in the Galaxy S8+ Plus. Most probably you will see them and you will have succeeded in the activity now you can unplug the cable. The Samsung Galaxy S8+ Plus has a super music player where you can play all the music that you want but if it does not fit your type you can download DoubleTwist from the play store and others for you to choose from, they are so many.


Google Play Music

This is the excellent way to transfer files from the iPhone to Galaxy S8+ Plus or Galaxy S8 when there is a stable WIFI connected to the devices. If you do not have a good micro-SD Card you can store music to the cloud instead of using up a lot of space on the card, and again the Galaxy S8+ Plus can store music up to 5000 files in the cloud.

Go to the Google Play Music  and tap on the three lines on the top left of the screen that is being displayed and this should be on the Google play store site. Once you are here the system will direct you on how to upload music. You will be required to use your Gmail account to sign in to the Google play that is after the successful installation of the music manager. Select the specific songs that you want to download or you can select the whole music in the iTunes but you have to be aware that the larger the file the longer it takes to accomplish.

Transferring music to Google cloud requires the connection to the WIFI and this can be an expensive task for the data. That is why it is wise to store music to the phone’s SD card because playing music from the cloud is a live stream where charges may apply from the carriers. The above steps will transfer all the contents of iTunes music to any device operating on the Android system.

Just to make everything clear about the transferability of the music to the Galaxy S8+ Plus and Galaxy S8 is that this is a good way and most recommended because you have all the options to accomplish the task. In the comparison of the two ways, the best is the one that has been discussed in the last part because it suits all the types of users, those who have enough data and those who may not.

Those who do not want to store a lot of music in their devices and those who do not want to store a lot of files in the device being the Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ Plus. By the look of things, and as we have always understood is that the Google play services will always work with android systems and for that reason, it can be concluded that iTunes music transferability does not only work with the Galaxy S8+ Plus but with any android device.


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