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Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8+ Plus: How To Use Mobile Hotspot

This feature can be found on various Smartphone and it is useful when different users are sharing the Internet on their devices. On the other hand, one person can share cellular data with other people at the same time as they use the Galaxy S8.

It is important to get to know that some Internet providers may not allow the enabling of this feature and some carrier charges may apply, it is important to seek clarifications first before you start this action.


How to enable Mobile WIFI Hotspot on Galaxy S8

  1. On the home screen tap on the apps
  2. Scroll to find the settings
  3. Look for the “Hotspot and tethering”
  4. Go down the display and find “Hotspot” and “USB Tethering” for the hotspot, it is meant for sharing data through WIFI while the other one is sharing through a USB cable.
  5. Before switching on the hotspot on the Galaxy S8 it is advisable to set the name and the password.
  6. Select “More” at the top right Conner of the displayed screen
  7. Swipe down and select the “Configure Mobile Hotspot”
  8. You can now input the name and then save and leave the page.


How to Connect to Mobile Hotspot from the other Devices

  1. Switch on the WIFI on the device that you want to connect other devices to
  2. Choose the mobile hotspot name from the available list of WIFI connections
  3. Now you can enter the secrete code to connect


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