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Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8+ Plus: IMEI Tracker Repair

From the various problems that you could face with your Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone, a faulty IMEI is more common than you think. In the event that your phone’s IMEI # is no longer working properly, it obviously has to be repaired.

If you postpone tackling this inconvenient, you might soon enough experience problems with other services, such as the SMS or the Calls and even the Mobile Data.

In today’s article, we are planning to introduce you to two different strategies, with detailed steps, for repairing the Samsung Galaxy S8 IMEI #. As usually, the solutions can also apply to the Samsung Galaxy S8+ Plus.

Whatever device you are using, try any of the following two methods to repair Galaxy S8 IMEI Number problem:


Method #1 Repair IMEI Number on Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ Plus through firmware update: 

  1. Turn on your device and access the main screen;
  2. Identify the Apps icon and tap on it;
  3. Select Settings;
  4. Tap on About Device;
  5. Tap on the option labeled as Software Update;
  6. On the message window that will pop up select Download;
  7. Wait until the download completes and the update is performed.


Method #2 Repair IMEI Number through a restore process: 

This method is a bit more complex, as it involves using an app called EFS Restorer Express and connecting your smartphone to a PC. But you follow the steps from below and it will turn out just right:

  1. Turn on your device;
  2. Enable the USB debugging mode;
  3. Then enter the USB debugging mode;
  4. Connect the device to a PC;
  5. Download the previously mentioned app, EFS Restorer Express;
  6. Launch the app;
  7. Run the EFS-BACK.BAT file;
  8. Select the desired method for restoring EFS via Odin.


Hopefully, the second method solved your problem for good. If you’re still dealing with this frustrating Galaxy S8 IMEI # issue, perhaps you really need to check your phone’s IMEI number, just to rule out any potential serious issues.


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