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Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8+ Plus Keeps Restarting Itself (Solution Guide)

Samsung is rather popular for the stability of its devices. And even though both Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ Plus generally work flawlessly, there may be times when, for various reasons, your smartphone could start behaving erratically.

When that happens, the “symptoms” aren’t pleasant at all. Whether it restarts over and over again, all of a sudden, or it turns back off every time you turn it on, it can easily get pretty frustrating.

When there’s nothing you can do to keep your device turned on and functioning within normal parameters, the first thing you should consider is to address a Samsung technician. Such professionals don’t just have the appropriate experience and knowledge to know what to check on your smartphone, but they also have the necessary tools for troubleshooting the problem.

This is actually a general piece of advice for any Samsung owner. Whether you have a Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ Plus, a Galaxy S6, Galaxy S5 or even the Galaxy Note 5 or Galaxy Note 4, if you’re having problems, check the warranty. Shutting off, rebooting, freezing, whatever you’re dealing with, if the device is still covered by warranty, by all means, let them handle it and decide if it can be fixed or if it needs a replacement.

Nevertheless, for your peace of mind and because your problem could require a simple solution, here is what you need to know


Reasons why Galaxy S8 keeps restarting itself

  1. You have installed a malfunctioning third-party app;
  2. You have installed a firmware with a bug;
  3. You have a malfunctioning battery that cannot power the device enough to keep it up and running.


If it’s the battery that needs a check, you really have to take it to an authorized service. For the other two problems, however, try the followings:


Solve Galaxy S8 keeps restarting after firmware update

If you recently initiated a firmware update and soon after that you noticed that your smartphone keeps rebooting, you should perform a factory reset on Galaxy S8.

The factory reset implies deleting everything on your device and bringing it back to its default settings, as if it was taken out of the factory. Because everything will be deleted, from configuration settings to documents and files you saved, it is essential that you back up all your data first.


Solve Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ Plus keeps restarting after installing an application

No application is perfect and causing a smartphone to reboot like crazy isn’t necessarily something that hasn’t happened before. So, if you suspect a recently installed app, you will need to access your Samsung Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ Plus in Safe Mode and check the status in there.

From the Safe Mode, you can also uninstall the faulty applications or remove any bugs and even get rid of the apps that would make your smartphone block when running in the normal mode.

If you need detailed instructions on how to access the Safe Mode, here you have a thorough guide.


But the short version is that you will have to power off your device and then hold the power button until the smartphone will reboot. With the display turned on and the Samsung logo popping up, you release the button and hold the Volume Down button instead. You press it until you are asked to type in your SIM pin and after you insert it, you should see the Safe Mode logo displayed at the bottom-left corner of the screen.

Now you’re in Safe Mode and you are free to investigate what app has been causing your Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ Plus to keep restarting itself.


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