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Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8+ Plus– Password Screen Lock Removal Tips

Locked out by your own password screen lock in Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ Plus? It happens to many users, no need to feel ashamed of it. Aside from knowing that you’re not alone, another good news is that you could actually skip the blockage in more than one way.

Don’t worry, you’re going to learn all the possible ways from this article. While some of the methods we are about to suggest are a bit more radical, there are softer alternatives as well. Now you don’t have to be happy with your options, you just need to be aware of it. You can never know when that least desirable method will be your only chance to gain back access to your phone.

Just to kill the suspense, there are 3 things you can try: with the first two, you should be able to simply bypass the password screen lock; the third one will leave you without any data on the phone, but at least you’ve regained your access.

Shall we begin?


Skip the password screen lock with the backup PIN

That’s one of those moments when you congratulate yourself for having the inspiration to create a Backup PIN. Or the moment you hate yourself for forgetting it… But if you’re lucky enough to have a PIN in place and to remember it, your worries end here. If not, move on to step number two.


Turn to your Google Account Manager

That’s one of those moments when you’re happy with your decision to use as many of Google’s features as possible. You’ll need to access the Internet and sign into your Google account – obviously, the same account you’ve used to log into your Samsung Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ Plus. If the device is connected to a previously used Wi-Fi network, it should bypass the lock screen of the phone. If not…


Do the factory reset

That’s one of those moments when you regret not having a periodic backup in place. As the name suggests, this option will erase everything on your Galaxy S8, from the password screen lock to any data inside. No need to insist on any other detail, probably the first thing you will do after getting your phone back will be to activate the automatic backup.


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