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Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8+ Plus Screen Stopped Rotating (Solution)

Screen rotation is one of the most simple and useful features of Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ Plus. It works thanks to the accelerometer and gyroscope and it strives to identify the position of your device. When you keep it horizontally, it should adjust the text and the images to this layout. And when you switch it back to vertical, it should respond to this change just the same.

After all, it’s a feature designed to offer you comfort. Nevertheless, the accelerometer and the gyroscope are involved in a couple of other contexts. One of the most obvious relates to your camera app. When something is wrong with any of these two, you might notice your camera acts strangely – buttons and even the images it captures are all inverted.

A software bug is to blame, though not in the most common situations. If you want to rule this one out, updating your smartphone to the latest software version is necessary.

But before you resort to this option, we would recommend you several simpler tricks.


The self-test for accelerometer and gyroscope

You probably didn’t know about it, because it’s not a common thing to do. And the option itself isn’t in a very visible place either. What makes it even less accessible is the fact that some wireless carriers disable the Service Screen access. This screen is essential for performing the self-test, as you are about to find out:

  1. Launch the dialer pad and type *#0*#;
  2. This command should load the Service Screen;
  3. From there, tap the Sensors option;
  4. And do the self-test.


If you don’t have access to the Service Screen, try our next suggestion.


The factory reset option

Resetting the device to its factory defaults is the next best thing you can do after the self-test. To learn how to do it, go through this guide.

Are you having second thoughts about completely resetting your device and starting to configure and personalize it from scratch? Then you will want to call your service provider first. If other customers complained about this problem just like you are about to do, perhaps they already have a simpler solution at hand. Why not try it?

Now if you’re still out of answers, proceed with the hard reset. It should solve your Galaxy S8+ Plus screen won’t rotate problem. Head to the general settings of your smartphone and access the Backup & Reset tab from where you can create a backup with all the data on your smartphone.

After that, read this guide from here and learn how to perform a hard reset. By any means, don’t let yourself fooled by the tip to hit the phone with the back of your hand until you fix the screen rotation. Hitting devices is not how you fix them, it’s usually how you broke them!


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