Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8+ Plus “SD card, for transferring photos and media” Problem – Solved

It is has been reported that people who have recently got the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus have had a couple of problems with their device. They have said that the problem is with continual SD card issues that says, “SD card, for transferring photos and media” that gives you an option to Eject or Explore. It is actually quite simple since all you need to do is just swipe.

But, the pop-up will eventually reappear once you reboot the device and also just happens randomly for some people. If you are having this issue, you should definitely take a look at this guide on how you can remove the notification of microSD.

The fact that you have a microSD card on your device is great for more storage space is a great feature, but having it will also cause some possible issues that may not have been discovered on the other Samsung Galaxy S8 devices. It is very important to take the time to troubleshoot the Galaxy S8 Plus to keep in mind that it was not the cause of the problem.

It has been reported that when people have followed some of these steps, their issues were not completely fixed especially if the problem is because of the hardware. However, you can definitely solve this problem with great success.


Fixing the “SD card, for transferring photos and media” Error on the S8 Plus:

  • You should only see the pop up show up when you have mounted microSD card. This usually only occurs once a reboot happens. If this shows up without a reboot, there could be an issue with your slot or card. Now, you can remove the card and change it carefully and move the tray closed as carefully as possible.
  • If you notice that the issue continues, try to use a separate micro SD card to notice that the card is not the problem.
  • You should definitely consider reformatting the microSD card in the Galaxy S8 Plus. Do not hesitate to have the microSD card backed up.
  • Have the Galaxy S8 plugged into the computer and then have the content copied to the desktop or folder.
  • Next, go to the Settings, then go to Storage, then go to the SD on the Galaxy S8 Plus smartphone.
  • Choose the SD Card;
  • Then, select Format.
  • Your microSD card will be entirely erased just like we said above.
  • The card will automatically be formatted to the file system that works the best for the device and you will be ready.
  • You should now have your smartphone plugged into the PC and copy the data to your microSD card.
  • There has been no official statement that Samsung has said about the problem that has been so common. So, this could be that the problem is from accessory, firmware issue, or a hardware issue which means that we will try to research what methods you can use to solve your issue.


If you continue to have problems wit the device, it is recommended to go here and take a look at the possible options that it lists. If the options do not work, it is highly recommended taking it to a professional and seeing what their advice would be.

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