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Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8+ Plus Set Screensaver – Guide

With this guide, you will know how you can change your lock screen wallpaper on the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus. The new Samsung devices have only been recently out for a couple of days and some people already are confused about certain aspects of the a couple of Android smartphones. A very shared but easy question that people have been asking is how you changed your wallpaper.

If you have recently purchased your Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ Plus device, we will show you how you can change your background as well as your lock screen wallpaper. If you change your wallpaper, it is a very simple process since you do not have go through the settings to do so. We will discuss this process below.



You can change the wallpaper or background for your lock screen in a variety of ways. You will be able to make things much better by changing the home screen from your lock screen background. Take a look below to learn the easiest method for this process.

You can touch and hold any space on the screen to zoom out of your screen to get to custom mode. The customization feature lets you change your main menu and customize your wallpaper and actually reorganize icons.

Click and hold wherever on your home screen that will allow you an option to choose the Wallpaper option that can be found towards the lower left. You can choose any wallpaper from a pre installed list of wallpapers for your background. You can select View Gallery to select from the photos or you can choose to download the image. Choose the “Set Wallpaper” option after you have chosen the desired image that you want to have as the wallpaper.

You will be able to download great online wallpapers or you will be able to choose apps that have a good reputation for good wallpapers like Zedge. Another method you can use it to navigate through the photo gallery app and look for a good photo that you will be able to set as a background.


How to set your Lockscreen Wallpaper

If you happen too use the new Android devices, it is a lot easier to change the lock screen wallpaper on your Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8 Plus. When you change your wallpaper, you will have the change to actually change both the lock screen and also the home screen wallpapers. You should be happy to learn that the home screen wallpaper can be set up differently from your lock screen wallpaper or you can do them together.

The procedure is a lot alike the one above, click and hold wherever on your screen and hit Wallpapers. Towards the top of you screen, you should see information that says, “Home screen”. Hit it and you should then see a pop up menu. There are a variety of options on your pop up menu such as home, lock, or both. You can click on one of the features that you would like changed and follow the instructions from before to choose from the preinstalled wallpapers, choose the image from the gallery app or search an image from online. Select “Set Wallpaper” once you’ve decided the image you want to set and then you’ll be complete.

You are able to use a bit of apps in the Google Play Store to customize your wallpapers such as those things that move with the screen. The Zedge app is one of the most popular apps that are being used and it offers a variety of custom option.

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