Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+ Plus, Galaxy S9: MTP Problems – Solved


The PC does not detect my Samsung Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S9. I cannot transfer files or photos form my Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S9 to the PC. My Samsung Galaxy S8+ Plus does not detect the PC. My Galaxy S8 cannot connect to the PC. My Samsung Galaxy S8+ Plus or Galaxy S9 is connected to the PC but does not detect any files. I have an issue transferring files from my Galaxy S8 to or Galaxy S9 my PC via a USB cable.



The first thing you should try and do is try changing the USB cable just to make sure it is not an issue with the USB cable. Some cables are specifically designed to only charge your smartphone and not transfer files. So, always make sure you are using an original USB cable when connecting your Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S9 to your PC.

Check whether you can change the USB mode from your notification bar. Drag down your notification bar to check whether you have the USB options icon.

If the USB options do not appear on your notifications bar, try out the following: disconnect the USB cable from your device.

  1. Switch OFF your Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S9
  2. Then wait for around 30 seconds
  3. Switch it ON
  4. Connect the USB cable back to your smartphone to see whether the USB options appear.


If this does not solve your problem, try enabling the USB Debugging option in the settings:

  1. Open Settings> About Phone
  2. Press on the build number repeatedly until a message “You are now a developer” appears.
  3. This enables you to access the Setting, “Developer Options”
  4. Then you can enable USB debugging
  5. Then reboot your smartphone then try reconnecting.


If neither of the options has worked for you, confirm whether the USB cable you are using is enabled to transfer files then try a different cable if required.


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