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Galaxy S8 No Longer Detects My Previous Bluetooth Headphone

The Problem

I have got an old Bluetooth headset that I have been using with my Galaxy S8 for months. It worked just fine for me until I updated my device. I had little choice but to download the update and after I had installed the update, my device no longer paired with the headset. The device can still detect the headset but they won’t pair. How can I fix this?


The Solution

It could have been better if you indicated the model and the brand of your device that you attempted to pair with your smartphone. The thing’s this, the Galaxy S8 latest release from Samsung and it comes loaded with up-to-date applications which includes Bluetooth.

So the most likely reason is that your headset may no longer be compatible with your Samsung Galaxy’s latest Bluetooth version.


Try pairing the headset with other phone models and if it pairs successfully, then the issue might be with your headset. Nevertheless, such a possibility is rare and you have to rule out such a possibility.

Hence, try pairing your Galaxy S8 with other Bluetooth speakers and check whether they work just fine. If it does, then a compatibility issue might be your problem and there is not much we can do except advising you to acquire a new headset.

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