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Galaxy S8+ Plus And Galaxy S8 Won’t Activate

The Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ Plus can have problems in the firmware if it develops problems with the activation. But sometimes again the problem can be caused by a battery that is spoilt such that it cannot hold enough energy to power the phone. The problem can also be as a result of poor cache, data, and system files. To solve this problem you have to try out the following. It is believed that this solution to a similar problem is not going to damage the phone but is imperative that you be careful or if you do not have the confidence, then you would rather seek some technical advice from the experts.


Samsung Galaxy S8+ Plus Won’t Activate Troubleshooting

The user cannot operate the Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ Plus if it has a problem with the activation. Generally, it cannot move at some point either from the home screens or sometimes it gets stuck when rebooting on the Samsung logo. Boot to the mode of “Power on to be able to proceed with the troubleshooting.


Start the Galaxy S8 in Safe Mode that temporarily stops the Third-party Apps

When the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ Plus is in the safe mode all the apps will be disabled and then you have to power on the phone to see if the problem is still there. If the issue will have gone, then you have to know that it is one of the apps that were bringing the hitch. The crashing of the app can lead to a serious damage to the phone software and this if not noted early enough can lead the constant rebooting of the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ Plus.


How to Start the Galaxy S8 in the Safe Mode

  1. Make a soft long press on the power button
  2. When the screen light up you have to let go the power button and instantly press the volume down key until the phone reboots completely
  3. Leave the button as soon as you see the safe mode at the bottom of the screen


What to do when the Phone is in Safe mode

Monitor the phone while it is in its safe mode and if the Galaxy S8+ Plus continues to shut down, subsequently the problem exists in the applications and this is the time when you have to perform the same procedure of taking back the phone to safe mode. Try to remove the apps that you think could be causing the problem but this can be solved easily by factory resetting the phone but after backing up your data because data can be lost completely.

  1. Tap on the Applications icon on the home screen
  2. Look for the “Backup and Reset” and press to begin the process
  3. Tap on the “Factory data reset” button and then click “Reset Device”
  4. Enter the screen lock password and then touch on the “Delete all” button to start the activity


Boot in the Recovery mode and Wipe Cache Partition

This is the recommended way to soft small software problems. The recovery mode will power up all the firmware and most probably if any of them had a problem it could be solved. It is wise to do this because it has very few options but it can give a solution to the phone when it has a problem of not powering up. If the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ Plus powers up go ahead to wipe the cache partition of the phone, the cache of a phone are the files that are created by the Android system so that the phone can be of a great service to the user.

This Android files sometimes develops problems which can extend to the internal gadgets of the phone which will make the phone not usable. When you see there is a problem that mostly touches on the powering up of the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ Plus it imperative to clear these files to give the phone another new start, it is also important to clear the cache often.


Boot up the phone in the Recovery Mode and perform a master Reset

This can only happen when the phone can boot up in the recovery mode and this will offer good results when the phones cache has been cleared. A master reset is not different from a factory reset and this method will not delete any files and data from the Galaxy S8 memory this will only take the phone back to its factory defaults. If this procedure does not offer any solution, then it is high time you find a technician to see where the problem is.


Booting the Galaxy S8+ Plus in the Recovery Mode

  1. To boot the Galaxy S8+ Plus in the recovery mode you have to perform the booting process.
  2. Long press both the power, volume up, home buttons at the same moment
  3. Continue pressing the volume down and home buttons but release the power button once the Smartphone vibrates; the other two buttons have to be released when the Android screen recovery appears.
  4. To clear the cache of the Galaxy S8+ Plus, use the “volume up” to bring to on screen the clear cache partition. Automatically the Smartphone will reboot after the cache partition is cleared
  5. Give the Galaxy S8+ Plus time to complete the process of the master reset then highlight “Reboot System Now” and click on the power button. So far you will have solved the problem of the Galaxy S8+ Plus Won’t activate


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