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Galaxy S8+ Plus: Cut Copy and Paste

The Samsung Galaxy S8+ Plus has a possibility where users can copy an image, or a text on the clipboard and paste it on another page just like what can be done on a laptop or a desktop. This is a convenient way of generating texts and a faster way to deliver content on the Samsung Galaxy S8+ Plus.

A user can easily forward a text as received from another mobile user and so much more. Many users have not tried this but have always been asking if it is possible.


This is how to cut, copy, and paste a text on Galaxy S8+ Plus:

  1. Highlight the text that you want and long press on any word in the text
  2. A sector bar will appear
  3. Drag the sector bar to highlight the part of the text that you want to copy or cut
  4. Opt for “Copy” that is if you want just a part of the text and an option will appear for the “Cut” and then if you want the whole text you can tap on the “Select All” button
  5. Go back to the apps and then long press on the space and a “Paste” option will appear on top, touch it and the doc that had been cut or copied will be there.


Another way you can paste is by foregoing the paste for the “Clipboard” to select the cut document, and from there you will have copied the text and paste successfully.


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