Galaxy S8 Plus Microphone Issues – Solved

Your Galaxy S8 offers a fantastic experience and there is no doubt about that. However, this should not be mistaken to mean that it is a perfect phone. There are so many challenges that you will experience while using the phone. These include issues to do with the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, performance challenges, sensitivity problem, issues while transferring data, there is the caller Identity issue and sometimes microphone issues on Galaxy S8.

The MIC issue on your Galaxy S8 Plus is annoying since it is one issue that affects the most basic performance in a smartphone. This is the one of calling and receiving calls. If the MIC is not working on Galaxy S8, then the contact who you are trying to reach will not hear what you are saying to him. This is an experience that you would not wish to undergo especially when using the Galaxy S8 device.

The chances that you might have to return the phone to the retailer for expert advice are minimal. This is because there are other alternatives to help you solve the issue.


The Possible Options When MIC Of Galaxy S8 Plus Has Issues

  • An accessory will possibly be the cause of the issue you are facing. You might, therefore, want to check this out. Therefore, detach the device from any headset connected via Bluetooth or maybe the headset you are using. In case the problem still persists, you might want to try these other options.
  • Remove any dirt that might be clogged on the MIC. To do this clean it gently and watch to see what comes out from there. Now, check to see if the issue is gone by calling other people.
  • Third party APPS are a common cause of the issues you experience with smartphones. The MIC is not an exception and so you should try to test if it functions while on Safe Mode. Note that while your phone is in Safe Mode, the third party apps are disabled.
  1. Turn off the Galaxy S8 device
  2. Press and hold on to the power button until the Samsung Galaxy S8 label comes on the screen. Now release the power key
  3. Press the Volume – key immediately after you have released the power key
  4. Ensure you long press the volume – button until the device restarts.
  5. Safe Mode will be displayed on the screen at the bottom side
  6. Release the volume – button once the safe mode label appears on the screen.
  7. In safe mode, check if the MIC is now working
  8. If it works, then the issue is gone
  9. Uninstall apps that are faulty while checking if the MIC will start working after uninstalling each app.


Now, if the issue is not rectified, try resetting the phone to factory settings. This works well if the issue is due to corrupt firmware. The procedure will basically reset the phone to the original setting and the Galaxy S8 MIC will also be restored.


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