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Galaxy S8+ Plus Won’t Turn On After Charging Or Charges Too Slow – How To Fix It

When we talk about Galaxy S8 charging issues, most of the time we expect that the device won’t charge. But what do you do when your Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ Plus seems to be charging perfectly fine, yet it won’t turn on when the charging is done? In this article, we continue the series of Galaxy S8 charging problems troubleshooting with a detailed guide on this particular issue – the device is charging but it does it too slow or it won’t start when it’s done.


What to do when Galaxy S8/S8+ Plus doesn’t turn on after charging

  1. Press the Power button

Press the power button more than once, just until you make sure you are actually dealing with a powering problem. If you’ve tried to start the device several times in a row without success, proceed with the following steps. Some users reported that the smartphone eventually turned on, though it took a couple of attempts.


  1. Boot into the Safe Mode

When entering the Safe Mode, your Galaxy S8 will only run a series of pre-loaded apps, using a minimum of the system’s resources. So, if you manage to get here, you might be able to verify if there’s another application that was preventing the device from starting the normal functioning mode.


Here are the steps for booting into the Safe Mode on a Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ Plus device:

  1. Make sure the device is turned off;
  2. Press the Power button and hold it until you’ll see the Samsung logo on the screen;
  3. Let go of the Power button;
  4. Press the Volume Down key and hold it until the device restarts and you’ll see at the bottom left corner the Safe Mode notification.


Once you have enabled the Safe Mode, you can go on and test the device and its apps’ functionality.


  1. Boot into the Recovery Mode

The final resort is to access the Recovery Mode and to perform a wipe cache partition. If you want to go through a detailed wipe cache partition guide, you can read it here.


Otherwise, here is a general outline of the steps you’ll need to take:

  1. Make sure the device is turned off;
  2. Get the phone into Recovery Mode;
  3. Hold until the phone will vibrate shortly and then release the Power button;
  4. Continue to hold the Volume Up and the Home buttons until you’ll see the Android System Recovery screen;
  5. Release the buttons and press the Volume Down button until you manage to highlight the option labeled as “Wipe cache partition”;
  6. Press the Power button and select the option;
  7. Wait for the cache partition to be cleared and the device to automatically reboot.


What to do when Galaxy S8/S8+ Plus charges slowly

The slow charging problem, as previously mentioned, is also common with many Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ Plus devices. Most of the times, the cause is as simple as a malfunctioning charging cable. If you try a different cable and conclude you need to replace your current Samsung Charging Cable with a new one, analyze your options on


Nevertheless, in case that nothing changed when you used a different cable, proceed with the following methods for fixing the slow charging problem of your Galaxy S8+ Plus or Galaxy S8:


  1. Close all the apps running in background

When too many apps are running in the background, they are slowly soaking the system’s resources, battery included. Consequently, even though your device is charging, those apps are draining its battery at the same time, making you think that you have a slow charging problem.


To test that this is the culprit, you will have to close all the apps running in the background:


  1. Press the Home button;
  2. Hold until the Recently Used Apps screen will open;
  3. Look for the Task Manager section;
  4. Tap on the option that says “End all applications”;
  5. Look for the RAM option located at the top of the screen;
  6. Select it and wait until it clears the memory.


At this point, you just terminated all the apps that were running in the background. Let your phone keep charging and see if you notice any kind of improvements.


  1. Get rid of the third-party apps

When nothing from above worked, you can still suspect a software bug, most likely from a third-party app. The only way to go from here is to uninstall those apps one by one and see if you can fix the slow charging issue this way.

But before you rush into doing so, remember that the best way to uninstall apps on your Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ Plus is to enter the Safe Mode.


To boot your device in Safe Mode, follow the steps described above, at the section with the same name.

Once you have entered the Safe Mode:

  1. Access the Menu;
  2. Go to Settings;
  3. Tap on More;
  4. Tap on Application manager, Downloaded;
  5. From the list of third-party apps select the one you want to uninstall;
  6. Select the Uninstall option;
  7. Tap on OK to confirm;
  8. When you’re done with all the apps, press the Power button and hold it until you see the Restart option;
  9. Tap on OK to initiate the restart and exit the Safe Mode.


When the device reboots, you should enter the normal functioning mode. Let the device charge and monitor the charging speed. It should be much faster from now on.


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