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Galaxy S8 Safe Mode – How To Get Out Of It, Back To The Standard Mode

Knowing how to enter the Safe Mode when using a Samsung Galaxy S8 is very important. That’s because you can easily troubleshoot a wide range of bugs and problems from this functioning mode. This is also why you will find so many guides on how to enter Safe mode on Galaxy S8. What surprises us, however, is that the majority of these instructions often overlook to also tell you how to exist this running mode when you’re done with it.

As you’ve probably discovered so far, the Safe Mode opens up a special environment, with fewer options, apps, and services running. You have to use the only physical buttons on your device to navigate through it, therefore, it’s not quite easy to get Galaxy S8 out of Safe Mode.


So, let’s just assume you were having a particular problem with a third-party app. Or that your smartphone froze and you couldn’t do anything to it. Anyways, you just had to access the Safe Mode. You’ve apparently solved your problem and you’d like to get back to the standard functioning mode, to test the smartphone and see if the problem will come back. What do you do?

There are actually three different ways you can leave this mode. In this article, we’re going to pinpoint them all. Next time you will be facing this situation, no matter if you are on a Samsung Galaxy S8+ Plus or a plain Samsung Galaxy S8, you won’t be staring clueless at the Safe Mode options.


How to get your Galaxy S8/S8+ Plus out of Safe Mode:

  1. Restart the smartphone – it should reboot in the Normal Mode;
  1. Enter the Recovery Mode – with the instructions from here on how to access Recovery Mode on Galaxy S8;


Any of these three methods is just as good, allowing you to test if whatever made you access the Safe Mode in the first place was actually solved.


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