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Galaxy S8 Tips & Tricks – A Quick-Launch Guide For Your Camera

One of the highly appreciated features of the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ Plus was, from the very beginning, the quality of the camera. With such a gem, there’s no wonder you want to capture every moment. But does it happen to you to lose a precious moment just because activating the camera takes you too long?

Some might say it’s not such a big deal – you just need to unlock your smartphone, go to the Home screen, identify the camera icon and tap on it.

Why do all that when you can simply add a camera shortcut straight to your lock screen? With a simple swipe, you should be able to launch the camera app without having to pass that first lock screen. And you won’t have to get annoyed for not managing to unlock the screen from the first attempt either!

Now that you know about this Galaxy S8 trick on how to quickly open the Camera, you probably have one question:


How do you add your camera icon to the lock screen shortcut?

Of course, it’s a matter of settings. Since you’re moving it to the lock screen, you can imagine that you will have to access and tweak the settings of this lock function.

For doing so, go to the general Settings and under the Device section, look for the lock screen function. In there, a special menu for shortcuts should be accessible.

Once you’re in that window, you’ve reached the place from where you can determine what shortcuts will be displayed on the lock screen. As expected, the camera is one of them, and you just need to add its widget.

Leave these menus and turn back to the Home screen. Block the display and try to activate the camera from the lock screen.


Another way to proceed is to access a more direct Camera Shortcut option, by following these steps:

  1. Tap on Device, under Settings;
  2. Tap on the Lock Screen settings;
  3. Check the Camera Shortcut option.


Back to the main screen, if you lock your device, when you try to unlock it you should see the camera shortcut. Check the bottom-right corner of your display, it’s there.


Launch it with one swipe and enjoy!


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